Monday, October 18, 2004

WXXM/Madison, WI dumps Hendrie, picks up Malloy

In Madison, WI, Clear Channel-owned WXXM 92.1FM has decided to replace Phil Hendrie's show with AAR's Mike Malloy, which will be broadcast live from 9-12 CST. CC also owns talker WIBA (1310), which airs local shows and syndicated fare like Limbaugh, Savage and 'Coast To Coast'.

Surprised that Hendrie was dropped, since the show is owned by Clear Channel's syndication arm, Premiere. But they probably saw Malloy as a better overall fit on the station.

WXXM, aka "The Mic", is also one of only a few CC-owned 'progressive talkers' that doesn't run Ed Schultz. WTDY (1670) scooped that one up as well as sister show Stephanie Miller in anticipation of a CC flip to AAR. The two stations were in a scuffle a month ago when WTDY started to use the term 'progressive talk', and even registered the domain name Not sure whatever became of it, but WTDY hasn't been using the 'progressive talk' moniker much on the station (though they are on the website), and the station isn't exactly 100% progressive either, unless you consider Bill O'Reilly and Michael Medved to be liberals. Still, they air a decent amount of center-left leaning content, and a surprising amount of local shows, hence their inclusion in my links.

Speaking of WTDY, Ed Schultz will be in Madison tomorrow on his book/radio show tour. Here's the info:


Anonymous said...

Hello, this is CobaltNova.

That's interesting that they moved him off of that station in Wisconsin. I had originally predicted that he would be moved off the Air America affiliate in Boulder, Colorado. While Hendrie is a liberal I think his pro-Bush stance may have rubbed the Wisconsin audience or station management the wrong way. Or am I wrong?

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