Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ratings: Randi Rhodes claims supremacy in San Diego

Yesterday on her Air America show, Randi Rhodes claimed to have the #1 afternoon drive show in San Diego in the highly coveted 25-54 age bracket. I have no verification of her claims, but if true, that is quite an accomplishment.

The previous format (adult standards) didn't even register in that demographic.

As for market results to be released, there's not a whole lot going on today. The ratings for Washington, Baltimore, St. Louis, Cleveland, Providence, Springfield MA, and Fredricksburg VA will be released this afternoon. Unfortunately, none of these markets had any liberal talkers that would show up here, though WHJJ in Providence picked up AAR programming last week. The ratings book will cover pre-AAR. The books for these markets may make a few of the suits at corporate HQ ponder format flips, though, as has been rumored in Washington, DC a few weeks back. Stay tuned.

As for Thursday, look for books from San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Denver, San Jose, Buffalo, and Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz. Of those markets, only Minneapolis and Denver have AAR affiliates. Too soon for their San Francisco/San Jose to be counted yet. The other markets have no affiliates currently.


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