Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ratings Roundup: KLSD explodes in San Diego!

Day two of the Arbitron summer ratings book release shows a couple ratings successes for Air America affiliates.

KLSD has made a huge splash in the book by jumping a whole share in the overall ratings. It should be noted that the talk format has only been in place for the last month of the ratings period, but considering the previous adult standards format has been getting consistent mediocre ratings for the past year, the suddent jump must be due to the new format. This is big news, considering that San Diego has long been considered a fairly conservative market. KLSD is now the #3 AM station in San Diego! Perhaps this will influence station owner Clear Channel to decide if they want to put it on an LA signal, as has been rumored.

In Philadelphia, nothing spectacular with WHAT, which added AAR programming around the same time as KLSD. But ratings did double. The ratings are still not great, but WHAT is a somewhat weak signal, and I'm not sure what kind of promotion they're doing for it. Plus, WHAT is primarily a black-oriented talk station that carries only Al Franken and Randi Rhodes. Thus, one would have to look at daypart breakdowns to see what effect the station has in the ratings. This station may not be a monster ratings success anytime soon, but stay tuned.

You can go to the usual trade industry sites for exact overall numbers, which I'm not allowed to publish here. If I hear of demographic breakdowns, I'll let you know.


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