Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Howard Stern Assails FCC Chairman On KGO

From Radio and Records:

The WXRK/New York-based syndicated morning host made a surprise phone call to Michael Powell this morning as the head of the FCC took part in an in-studio interview with KGO/San Francisco mid-morning host Ronn Owens. During the last half of the 9am hour, Stern phoned the station and immediately began a contentious conversation that included rants about, in his opinion, Powell's lack of credentials to be FCC Chairman. He also charged that Powell's father — Secretary of State Colin Powell — was responsible for the younger Powell getting the job, a charge the FCC chief "denied exceedingly" and called "a cheap shot." Stern said, "The commissioner has fined me millions of dollars for things that I said and consistently avoids me and avoids asking my questions, and I'm wondering how long he'll stay on the phone with me." He then asked Powell, "Does it make you nervous to talk to me?" He said no. Stern also accused the Powell-led FCC with "racketeering," saying that the commission forces companies to "pay up" or hold up a station's license renewal. Powell later suggested that what Stern really wants is unlimited restrictions to what he can say or do on the air. But he denied that the commission has singled Stern out in any way. The call by Stern is believed to be his first to another host's radio show; it marked the first time Stern and Powell have spoken. An audio excerpt of the exchange is available through noon ET tomorrow at

Thanks to Howard Stern's official message board, here's an MP3. Just right-click, and 'save target as'.


Anonymous said...

This is CobaltNova -


Quick work on locating that MP3! Very nice. I had a chance to listen to the interview and found it to be fascinating. Stern really handled himself well.

I don't believe the article is correct about Stern never calling into another host though. Stern called Imus once to call him a variety of names because Imus was questioning the honor of a woman Stern was dating. Imus hung up on him.

I have a recording of Franken & Stern from yesterday if you want it. You can grab it from my site if you'd like FI. Thanks!

ltr said...

Good job with the Franken file!

And I recall Stern calling his arch-rival in Philly, John DeBella, when he came into the market. According to his book, 'Miss America', Stern harassed DeBella, then the #1 morning guy in the market, mercilessly, to the point that DeBella plummetted in the ratings and was eventually let go and left radio for a brief time. He eventually came crawling to Stern when he was offered afternoons on Stern's station.

The story paints Stern as being pretty cruel, but this was his first foray into syndication, and Stern had just come off trying to destroy Imus. Doubt he would be as nasty nowadays.

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