Monday, February 28, 2005

Liberal talk comes to Reno, NV

The frequency now allotted to Americom Broadcasting’s sports-heavy KPLY-AM will become KJFK-AM, a progressive-talk station, said Daniel Cook, general manager of Americom’s Reno Radio Representatives.

In exchange for (Jim) Rome, Reno audiences will get political satirist Franken and other moderate-to-liberal hosts, including Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Lionel, and Ed Schultz, whose show has already begun airing on the station.

“What makes it special is that it’s completely unique, and it is a format that’s emerging across the country,” Cook said. “Some people are more moderate than other people. … It’s just going to be a fresh new approach, some new ideas.”

Cook acknowledged that Reno is a primarily conservative market but said the format doesn’t rely on a liberal populace.


Friday, February 25, 2005

Will liberal talk return to Chicago?

Liberals rejoice: Chicago finally could be getting a "progressive talk" radio station showcasing such prominent voices as Jerry Springer, Al Franken and Ed Schultz.

Nothing is official yet, but the bosses of an AM station in the market are shooting to launch the format by March 31 -- the one-year anniversary of Air America Radio's aborted attempt to bring its left-wing syndicated lineup to Chicago listeners.

In its new incarnation, Air America's Franken and Randi Rhodes would be part of a programming mix of liberal talk shows that also would include Springer, whose Chicago-based radio show is syndicated by Clear Channel Radio, and Schultz, whose "Democracy Radio" show is distributed by Jones Radio Networks.

Air America lasted two weeks on WNTD-AM (950) before it was yanked in a nasty payment dispute with station owners.

Clear Channel owns WRLL (1690), which has long been rumored as a possible candidate. Stay tuned.

Music Executive to Run Air America

The nation's most prominent liberal talk radio network has tapped one of the music business' most prominent liberal activists to be its new boss.

Air America Radio, seeking solid footing after a rocky start last year, on Thursday named veteran music executive Danny Goldberg chief executive of the network. Goldberg joins such on-air figures as Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo as newcomers to the medium in Air America's campaign to make inroads in a realm largely seen as a stronghold of conservative voices.

"This is really a new genre, kind of like being involved with rock 'n' roll in San Francisco in 1965 — a real learning curve that everybody's on," said Goldberg, who is taking over from acting CEO Doug Kreeger, who will remain a member of the company's board.Goldberg, 54, this month left his post as chief executive of Artemis Records. The independent company, which he founded, has released Grammy Award-winning albums by Steve Earle and the late Warren Zevon. His past positions include CEO stints at Mercury Records, Atlantic Records and Warner Bros. Records, and he was founder and president of Gold Mountain Entertainment, where he managed the careers of such artists as Bonnie Raitt and Nirvana.

Goldberg, 54, this month left his post as chief executive of Artemis Records. The independent company, which he founded, has released Grammy Award-winning albums by Steve Earle and the late Warren Zevon. His past positions include CEO stints at Mercury Records, Atlantic Records and Warner Bros. Records, and he was founder and president of Gold Mountain Entertainment, where he managed the careers of such artists as Bonnie Raitt and Nirvana.


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Air America comes to Air Austin

After months of rumors, radio industry sources confirm that Air America, the liberal talk format starring Al Franken, is about to find a home in Austin, where the airwaves are still dominated by tough-talking Rush Limbaugh wannabes. Air America is now heard on 48 stations around the country, but on only one in Texas, KCCT-AM in Corpus Christi. An announcement on an Austin affiliate is expected within days, according to one source.

Although details are still sketchy, speculation focuses on Border Media Partners, the Houston-based company that now owns seven Spanish-language stations in Austin. BMP president Tom Castro was national deputy finance chair of the Kerry for President campaign, and one of the company's main investors is notable Democrat Tony Sanchez, the former candidate for governor. Asked to analyze the Austin market last week, Castro immediately pointed to the lack of a format for "intelligent and interesting dialogue." Austin, he said, seems like a place where "a lot of people want an outlet for voicing their opinion."

Castro declined to detail any specific plans, but industry sources say BMP has been talking with Air America, as well as other networks, about new programming for Austin. If BMP did, in fact, pick up Air America, KFON-AM (1490), which simulcasts a norte–o music format, or KOKE-AM (1600), which has been struggling to establish a Spanish talk format, are the likely targets.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Jay Marvin gets the KKZN/Denver morning gig

Controversial talk-show host Jay Marvin will return to the Denver airwaves on Feb. 28, Clear Channel Communications announced today.

Marvin will host the 6-10 a.m. timeslot on KKZN (760-AM), the local outlet for the liberal Air America network.

Kris Olinger, director of AM programming for Clear Channel in Denver, said Marvin "will be his old self - loud and liberal and funny."


He was released by Chicago's WLS-AM last month. The station declined to comment on Marvin's departure, but Marvin told The Post last month that "I was way too liberal for the station. It's become very right-wing."

Marvin was previously on KHOW in Denver, prior to going to WLS in 1999.

Friday, February 11, 2005

No, Air America is NOT flipping to FM in Miami

WZTA (Zeta 94.9) made it's listeners scream "a la changala" when, instead of rock music and the 'Lex and Terry' morning show, it was broadcasting Air America.

Unfortunately, for fans of AAR, WZTA was stunting (teasing a new format). AAR gave way to sports talk before flipping to their new Spanish-language music format.

But fret not, since liberal talk can still be heard on 940 in Southern Florida.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Need a talk radio job? KPOJ/Portland is hiring

Here's the listing. I assume it's KPOJ, and it looks like they're looking to add a local show.

Date Listed 02/01/2005
Job Location Portland
Salary Not Stated.
Education Required None
Experience Required At least 3 months
Minimum Age 0
Hours Worked Per Week 40
Shift Day Shift
Duration of Job Full Time , more than 6 months
Additional Requirements None

REQUIREMENTS: Experienced progressive talk radio host.

JOB DUTIES: Host a live, local radio show. Deliver interesting, entertaining and relevant programming to progressive listeners. Discuss both national and local issues.

Equal Opportunity Employer.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

LA's new liberal talker is finally on the air

As you read this, the new KTLK-AM (1150) in Los Angeles is on the air (as has been rumored for months and months and months).

The big LA/San Diego frequency swap occured at 9AM PST this morning, with the former sports format on 1150/690 migrating to 570 and 570's adult standards format going to 690, opening up 1150 to 'progressive talk'.

The KTLK call letters were previously on 1340AM in Santa Barbara, but that station will revert to it's former call letters, KIST. You can find the new KTLK's website here, but it looks to be a work in progress.

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Jay Marvin to fill in on KKZN/Denver morning show. Will he get the job permanently?

(note: free subscription required for All Access link)

A familiar voice will be on the air in DENVER on FRIDAY, as former KHOW-A host JAY MARVIN, most recently on WLS-A/CHICAGO, hosts the 7-10a time slot on CLEAR CHANNEL Talk KKZN-A (AM 760, DENVER's PROGRESSIVE TALK). Could this be a precursor to something more permanent for JAY?

Yet another example of why Bush is a 'uniter' (snicker), not a 'divider' (note heavy sarcasm)

(note: free subscription required for All Access link)

JONES/DEMOCRACY RADIO ED SCHULTZ SHOW producer JAMES HOLM is one of 42 people whose attempt to get into the audience for a speech in FARGO by President BUSH TODAY (2/3) was denied. HOLM is a member of the FARGO-MOORHEAD DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA MEETUP GROUP; at least 33 of the people on the list of those denied admittance are identified as present or former members of the group. The WHITE HOUSE and liberal activist groups have been at odds nationwide over the practice of banning protestors or members of groups opposed to BUSH policies from speeches and "town hall meetings."

Glad to see Bush wants to listen to ALL people. Asshole.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Yee-haw! Liberal talk comes to Texas

KCCT-AM in Corpus Christi, TX to change format to liberal talk.

One week from today, KCCT/1150-AM will become the first station in Texas to stream Air America, a New York satellite network that features left-of-center perspectives from personalities such as Al Franken, Mike Malloy, Steve Earle and Janeane Garofalo.

Air America, currently broadcast on 46 stations nationally, will replace 1150 AM's oldies format. Owned and managed by Manuel Davila, Air America Radio 1150 AM will continue to air Aviators games in the evenings.

Starting Feb. 12, 1150 AM will simulcast The Progressive Forum, John Kelley's morning talk show that airs on KBSO 94.7 FM. In about six months, director of sales and marketing Zee Zepeda plans to preempt Air America for local morning and afternoon shows. Kelley will helm the morning program; the afternoon host has not been chosen.

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