Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Al Franken Show To Be Broadcast On AFN

The Al Franken Show has been picked up by the American Forces Network. AFN Radio will distribute the first hour of Franken's radio show as part of the inventory of stateside programming it provides to its affiliates overseas.

"We are very grateful the AFN has recognized that Al Franken is a profound and unique American voice with a significant following and that it is appropriate for his program to be one of the listening options for those who serve in the armed forces,” said Air America Radio CEO Danny Goldberg.

"I am absolutely thrilled that the Al Franken Show will be carried on the American Forces Network, though, of course, that means I will have to stop criticizing President Bush. After all, he is our commander-in-chief,” said Franken.

Franken will also be making his 6th USO tour this month, which includes stops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

AAR to add Orlando affiliate, negotiating to enter Tampa Bay. Buffalo uncertain

Air America recently added Thom Hartmann's affiliates to their station roster, and now their top-of-page banner states that Orlando, FL will soon have it's own AAR affiliate in the new year.
WEUS 810AM (which is currently off the air with a pending sign-on date) will sign on with AAR in either January or February. WEUS is independently owned, as far as can be determined.

Previously, AAR showed Citadel-owned WHLD (1270AM) in Buffalo as a future affiliate, but that has been removed from the front page banner. According to a poster at Radio-Info, it was some sort of misunderstanding with the company that does marketing for AAR. As of now, there are supposedly no plans to put AAR programming on WHLD, though left-leaning shows such as Democracy Now are broadcast on the station via a brokerage agreement with Radio Free Buffalo.

In related news, Air America is currently negotiating with an unnamed station in the Tampa Bay area. No word on what station it is at this time. Tampa is currently the #19 market in the country.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Skinner Exits WDTW/Detroit

NANCY SKINNER has disappeared from CLEAR CHANNEL Talk WDTW-A/DETROIT, telling her audience on THURSDAY that she would be leaving the station in advance of her contract expiration. SKINNER had been on the station through a deal with now-defunct DEMOCRACY RADIO. ALL ACCESS hears that producer SIDI HENDERSON has also left the building, and WDTW's website has excised any mention of SKINNER except for a listener's posting on the station's message board.

SKINNER is reportedly mulling another run for Congress; WDTW is airing AIR AMERICA RADIO in SKINNER's old 6-9a slot.

KQKE/San Francisco to debut new morning show

Will, Willie and Lobster will host a new morning show starting Jan. 2 on KQKE-AM (960), home of the syndicated liberal "Air America" network.

This was printed as a rumor on the San Jose Mercury News' website but it has been confirmed by Bob Agnew, Clear Channel Radio San Francisco AM Program Director and West Coast Sports Brand Manager. The live and local program will feature former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, with political satirist and former mayoral candidate Will Durst, and the Bay Area’s longtime radio host Paul Wells aka :"The Lobster." It will run Monday through Friday 7 to 10AM, bumping the station's current morning drive offering, AAR's Jerry Springer.

This show, called “Keeping It Real with Will and Willie”, will begin its weekday airing on Monday, January 2, 2006 from an as yet unannounced San Francisco landmark location.

San Francisco's most well known, best dressed and most dynamic political figure is former Mayor Willie Brown. His teaming up with two San Francisco fixtures: political comic Will Durst and popular radio host and producer Paul Wells, creates a unique program about San Francisco and the surrounding communities from three people uniquely qualified to offer insight, perspective and understanding about how San Franciscans work, think, and react to the issues and events of the day. “Keeping It Real with Will and Willie” will address the environment, housing, transportation, homeless issues, issues of the San Francisco Gay community and more. It’s about San Francisco for people who live here, work here and invest their business and entertainment dollars here. The show will be under the direction of Paul Wells who will serve as both executive producer and on air "traffic cop."

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Air America shuffles morning lineup

Looking to make its mornings more competitive, Air America Radio is dropping “Morning Sedition” from its lineup and replacing it with a new reformatted morning block, beginning January 3.

“Air America Mornings” will consist of a pair of separate two-hour programs. Current “Morning Sedition” co-host Mark Riley will highlight the day’s top news stories and interview guests from 5-7 a.m., followed from 7-9 a.m. by “The Rachel Maddow Show,” which the network describes as “fast paced news and witty sound bites,” along with guest interviews.


The network also hopes to capitalize on the ratings growth of Maddow’s show. Currently heard from 5-6 a.m., it climbed from a 0.3 to a 1.7 in summer among adults on WLIB-AM, the network’s flagship in New York. Maddow, one of the original co-hosts of AAR’s former late-morning show, Unfiltered, has more recently guest-hosted Franken’s show and is a regular contributor to MSNBC’s The Situation with Tucker Carlson.

In reformatting morning drive, the liberal talk network heard on 72 stations is breaking up the Mark Riley and Marc Maron team. Returning to Los Angeles, Maron is in talks with Air America to host his own syndicated show. He will be a regular morning show contributor.

Former VH1 VP of music programming Paul Marszalek is joining the net as morning show executive producer. Marszalek has programmed Susquehanna triple A KFOG San Francisco and worked in the programming department at Infinity triple A WXRT Chicago.

“We are committed to generating at least one show in 2006 from Los Angeles to connect us more closely with the progressive creative community there, and thus to offer our affiliates a widening menu of politics, comedy, information and entertainment,” said Gary Krantz, president for AAR.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

KRPT Dumps Progressive Talk for Texas Music

From All Access (subscription required):

CLEAR CHANNEL/SAN ANTONIO is flipping Progressive Talk KRPT to "92.5 THE OUTLAW," a music outlet specializing in TEXAS music. Listeners of sister Country KAJA's popular “Other Side of KJ” (a SUNDAY specialty program featuring TEXAS music that has been heard on KAJA for the past two years) will also enjoy the familiar voice of HANK MOON, who will be the host and MD for 92.5 THE OUTLAW. 92.5 THE OUTLAW will also feature TEXAS high school football and BAYLOR college football on weekends in the fall.

The station will be found online at www.925theoutlaw.com.

My take:

To call this station a San Antonio station is an overstatement at best. The signal is way too far outside of SA to be a ratings success in any format (it bombed in it's previous hip-hop incarnation). This is not really a San Antonio station.

Quite frankly, I've always wondered why CC flipped this thing to progressive talk in the first place. It was one of those stations (like WHJJ and WHAT) where I honestly thought flipping was a very strange idea. Unless it was to keep tabs on the format in CC's home market. Or hoping that listeners were gung-ho enough about the format that they'd put up with the static.

This 'Texas Outlaw' format, whatever that is, sounds intriguing, and a better format for it's area of coverage. The flip does not affect another San Antonio rimshot, AAR affiliate KTXX (KRPT did not air any AAR programming, save for Jerry Springer).

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bill O'Reilly to go 'McCarthy' on your ass after issuing controversial fatwa

Going off topic quite a bit (slow news lately), but Bill O'Reilly has been digging himself a deeper and deeper hole after reaction toward his controversial fatwa directed at the people of San Francisco, liberals, anti-war people, and the usual suspects went over less than enthusiastically. Of course, O'Reilly would never do anything like admit he was wrong, or even apologize. Rather, he's going old school and channelling Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy. Yep, he's issuing an 'enemies list'.

Supposedly this list will be published on his website. Likely to be included on his hit list would be current nemesis #1 Media Matters For America, which does an amazing job at exposing the hateful trash that comes from O'Reilly's mouth.

I know this post has absolutely nothing to do with liberal radio, but it's what everyone's talking about, and although I don't stand a chance of being included on 'Falafel Boy's' shit list. This is actually the first time I've even mentioned here. But if that's what it takes to get dissed by Bill O'Reilly, I'll be more than happy to do my part.

Hey Bill:

Friday, November 11, 2005

AAR Hints at "Raising Profile" of Maddow

From AllAccess (free subscription required)

What's up with early morning host RACHEL MADDOW at AIR AMERICA RADIO? An article to run in the NEW YORK TIMES this SUNDAY profiling MADDOW and fellow AAR host RANDI RHODES says that the network plans to raise MADDOW's profile in the network's morning show. Could that have anything to do with "MORNING SEDITION" host MARK MARON's frequent comments on the air about the pending expiration of his contract?

Meanwhile, AAR's AL FRANKEN's "THE TRUTH (WITH JOKES)" will debut at number 1 on the TIMES' nonfiction best seller list in SUNDAY's BOOK REVIEW.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Military backs down, will carry Ed Schultz Show overseas

Armed Forces Radio has decided to include the Ed Schultz Show in overseas programming, RAW STORY has learned.

The show recently got into a fracas with the Defense Department after the liberal radio host called out Allison Barber, a deputy assistant secretary of defense, for staging a teleconference event between President Bush and U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

The Department had intended to begin carrying Schultz's show earlier, but that deal was put on hold after Schultz's remarks. Several Democratic senators then wrote to officials in the Defense Department.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Democracy Radio folds, CEO Athans joins Air America

NOTE: The demise of Democracy Radio does not affect the status of Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller or Nancy Skinner. Their shows will carry on as before.

From the site:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As you know, for the past three years Democracy Radio has been at the forefront of the effort to change the talk radio airwaves that have been so overwhelmingly one-sided in America. For nearly two decades Americans only heard one political perspective on their airwaves - the conservative perspective. It had clearly reached a point where diversity of opinion was truly suffering and American democracy was being undermined because of a proliferation of only one political perspective being broadcast. I'm so very proud to say that with your help and support, that's no longer the case.

Through your unyielding support, Progressive Talk Radio is now a reality. I'm proud to report that Democracy Radio's first program, The Ed Schultz Show, is now heard on more than 100 stations nationwide. The Stephanie Miller Show is heard on more than 40 stations. Combined, both shows reach nine of the top ten markets in the United States and have played an impactful role in the astounding success of Progressive Talk Radio.

Great credit, however, also belongs to Air America. Air America has been an integral part of the successful birth and growth of Progressive Talk as a legitimate radio format. Because Air America offered a full day of programming, radio stations were able to completely reformat to a progressive talk lineup. Clear Channel alone reformatted 28 of its stations to a 24/7 Progressive Talk format in major cities throughout the U.S.

Without question, as two separate entities, Democracy Radio and Air America have made a significant impact on the talk radio landscape. Democracy Radio has achieved what it set out to do - it changed the face of talk radio in America. Through all our efforts, Progressive Talk is now a commercially viable format which it was not just 2 years ago. I am very proud of that. However, I believe that now is the time to move this important cause forward in as one unified effort.

Therefore, I am pleased to let you know that I have decided to join the management team at Air America. This will mean the end of Democracy Radio as an organization, but certainly not its work and purpose which I will carry on at Air America. There's no question that unified as one, we will achieve so much more than we ever could as competitors.

As you may know, Air America had a few struggles during its first year. However, in recent months the company has been reorganized, its business model and strategy has been revised, and a dynamic new management team has been assembled with music industry titan Danny Goldberg leading the company as CEO. Air America is poised to expand and grow Progressive Talk like never before imagined - and they will need your continued support. To learn more about how you can support Air America, go to www.airamericaradio.com.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your tremendous support of Democracy Radio. Your support created the success of Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller and made Progressive Talk Radio a reality for all Americans. I encourage you to stay engaged in the effort. There's still much to do and with your support we will achieve the diversity of opinion on our airwaves that is reflective of all of America.

Best wishes,

Tom Athans
CEO, Democracy Radio

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Radio One's new urban talk format, featuring Al Sharpton

Two powerhouses of urban radio are teaming up to launch an African-American-centered talk-radio network, the cornerstone of which will be programming hosted by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Baltimore-based Radio One, the nation's seventh-largest radio company, and Reach Media, which owns and syndicates the highly successful ''Tom Joyner Morning Show," aim to roll out the network after the first of the year. Radio One owns a controlling interest in Reach Media.

The ambitious plan was discussed yesterday by Radio One CEO Alfred Liggins III during an interview at the new WILD offices at Marina Bay. WILD-AM, which will carry the new network's programming, and its sister station, WILD-FM (the former Hot 97.7 WBOT-FM), underwent format changes on Oct. 20. Both are owned by Radio One.

If all goes as planned, the fledgling talk network will begin broadcasting on as many as 10 of Radio One's 70 stations, including AM outlets in Baltimore, Detroit, Miami, Cleveland, Washington D.C., and a handful of other cities. The programming would also be offered to stations not owned by Radio One.

''When we look across the landscape of formats that are missing," Liggins said, ''black -- African-American -- [talk radio] is one that is really underrepresented."

While programming has not been finalized, Liggins said that the as-yet-unnamed network will provide programming from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Air America Taps Tom Athans as Exec. VP

To help build its newly formed syndication division, Air America Radio announced Tuesday that Tom Athans has joined the Progressive Talk network as Executive VP.

As the co-founder and former CEO for Democracy Radio, Athans was responsible for developing and producing two of Progressive Talk’s most popular shows, The Ed Schultz Show, currently syndicated by P1 Productions on more than 100 stations and The Stephanie Miller Show, developed in association with WYD Media.

In his new position, Athans will head up Air America’s new syndication division and develop new programming to expand AAR’s lineup. He will also head AAR’s Washington, D.C. office.

“Athans comes to us with a proven record of success as one of the pioneers of the format and we are certain that he will make a strong addition to our team,” said Danny Goldberg, CEO for AAR.


Maron to leave morning show at Air America

Marc Maron announced on his show, Air America Radio’s Morning Sedition that the CEO, Danny Goldberg, decided not to renew his contract, and will be off the show sometime this month.

No word yet as to a replacement for this very funny host, though rumor has it that AAR is looking at veteran morning show talents around the country.

More here:



Sunday, October 30, 2005

Al Franken Beats Rush Limbaugh in San Francisco & Portland, Ore.

News from Air America:


Al Franken Beats Rush Limbaugh in San Francisco & Portland, Ore.

NEW YORK – October 28, 2005 – Air America Radio announced today that “The Al Franken Show” beat “The Rush Limbaugh Show” for the first time in San Francisco and Portland, Ore., 2 of the top 25 markets, in the target demo of 25-54, according to Arbitron Summer 2005 Metro. The two shows air at the same time (9am-12pm) in both markets.

In San Francisco, the #4 Metro, “The Al Franken Show, “ heard on KQKE, came in with a11,400 AQH and a 1.8 Share. “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” heard on KSFO, had an 8,500 AQH and a 1.4 Share.

In Portland, Ore., the #24 Metro, “The Al Franken Show,” heard on KPOJ, was ranked #4 with an 11,800 AQH and a 5.6 Share. “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” heard on KEX, was ranked #7 and came in with a 10, 400 AQH and a 4.9 Share.

And not to be outdone, Premiere Radio Networks, which syndicates Rush Limbaugh's program, put out their own press release, boasting about Rush beating Franken, Jerry Springer and Ed Schultz in the Top 25 markets. Never mind that these hosts cannot be heard in all of these markets, but it does smack of a little desperation by the folks at Premiere.

Friday, October 28, 2005

WELY-AM/Ely-Hibbing, MN listed as new AAR affiliate

According to Air America Radio's website, WELY (1450) in Northern Minnesota is a new affiliate. What is unknown is what show or shows WELY will air, since it's current format is mostly community-oriented variety programming. My guess is they will air Al Franken's show only, but I will keep you posted.

Still a unique station worth checking out. And they do live streaming as well.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Infinity Unveils Stern Replacement, "Free FM" Plans

Not much going on in liberal talk, but the big news in talk radio will be about Infinity Broadcasting, who have officially rolled out their post-Stern strategy.

Finally, INFINITY announces its "HOWARD STERN Replacement Strategy,' and as ALL ACCESS was first to confirm, the station is relaunching several stations as FM Talk "FREE FM." As part of the new strategy, DAVID LEE ROTH and ADAM CAROLLA have been officially announced as STERN's replacement in NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES, respectively, starting JANUARY 3. STERN will have his last broadcast on the INFINITY stations DECEMBER 16.


CAROLLA's longtime comedy partner JIMMY KIMMEL will serve as Creative Consultant for CAROLLA's show and an advisor for INFINITY.

WXTM/CLEVELAND morning man ROVER will add WCKG/CHICAGO, WKRK/DETROIT, WAQZ/CINCINNATI, WMFS/MEMPHIS, and WZNE/ROCHESTER and will be based at WCKG. THE JUNKIES will move to mornings at WJFK/WASHINTON and will also be heard on WHFS/BALTIMORE. KITS (LIVE 105.3)/SAN FRANCISCO will replace STERN with "THE MORNING MUSIC CO-OP," a music-intensive show.

Rock WYSP/PHILADELPHIA, Classic Rock KPLN/SAN DIEGO, and the new KIFR/SAN FRAOCISCO are launching the "FREE FM" Talk format TODAY (10/25). WXRK (92.3 K-ROCK)/NEW YORK will flip to Talk as "FREE FM" in JANUARY, and FM Talk KLSX/LOS ANGELES, WCKG/CHICAGO, KLLI/DALLAS, WJFK/WASHINGTON, WKRK/DETROIT, and WHFS/BALTIMORE are all being rebranded "FREE FM" as of TODAY as well.

Part of the new programming will be a one-hour daily show starting JANUARY for "PENN AND TELLER"'s PENN JILLETTE. The show will air on WXRK, WCKG, KIFR, WJFK, WKRK, KPLN, WHFS, and KSFN-A/LAS VEGAS.

INFINITY's JOEL HOLLANDER says “when we set out to find a replacement for HOWARD STERN we took the opportunity to cultivate a wide array of talent, from both in and out of the radio industry. With ROTH, we’ve found someone who continues to evolve his career and deliver for his legion of fans. ADAM’s depth of entertainment experience is unmatched in radio. And JIMMY has a proven track record of creating winning shows for both radio and television. Couple that with an impressive roster of emerging talent and formats and we have all the necessary elements for INFINITY to continue as the major player in morning drive.”

At KXBT (THE BEAT 104.3)/AUSTIN, STERN's replacement will be the syndicated STAR AND BUC WILD.

ALL ACCESS hears that the lineup at the new KIFR/SAN FRANCISCO may include some former morning shows in the market.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

XM moves Colmes from Air America channel to new 'Fox News Talk' channel

Effective in January, XM Satellite Radio will introduce the new 'Fox News Talk' channel. This probably means little to readers of this blog, but in effect, it accomplishes two things. First, it ghettoizes the likes of Bill O'Reilly, John Gibson, Tony Snow and any other Fox News meat puppet that can talk on the mic for three hours at a time. Likely, filler will come in the way of Fox News programs already airing on another XM channel.

This is good news for Air America listeners who subscribe to XM, as this means that Alan Colmes will move off XM167 to the new channel. XM167 will become 100% Air America Radio, as previously promised.

XM moves Colmes from Air America channel to new 'Fox News Talk' channel

Schultz Charges Pentagon With Censorship

P-1 (and Jones Radio Network-syndicated) talker Ed Schultz is crying "foul" over what he says is censorship of his radio show by the Pentagon.

Schultz says he had written confirmation that his daily show was supposed to debut on American Forces Radio this past Monday. However, the talk host says the deal was nixed at the last minute by Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense, Allison Barber, and Schultz thinks it's political retribution for comments he made against Barber on the show last week.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman has denied that Schultz's comments had any bearing on whether or not AFN would air the program, saying that the confusion was due to an AFN staff member jumping the gun on any final decision to air the show on the government-owned network that reaches American military personnel and their families worldwide.

Monday, October 17, 2005

About Face: Military reverses plan to add Ed Schultz show to Armed Forces Radio

The United States' military's Armed Forces Radio has reversed a decision to add The Ed Schultz show to their lineup abroad.

Schultz was told Sept. 29 he would be added to the military's programming today. That decision was reversed this morning. His producers are currently seeking answers from the military.

On his program Friday, Schultz attacked Alison Barber, an Armed Forces official, over President Bush's staged conversation with U.S. troops in Iraq. Barber is an Assistant Secretary of Defense.


"Barber told [producer] James Holm that the Ed Shultz show would not start on AFR today because her boss, Pentagon spokesman Larry DiRita, was out of the country and couldn’t approve it. Barber also said she was going out of the country soon for a week-and-a-half. Holm asked Barber if the show would begin when DiRita and Barber returned. Barber said she couldn’t guarantee that.


Ed Schultz Interview: Starting on Armed Forces Radio today

Thanks to The Moderate Voice for this great interview:

...Some consider The Ed Schultz Show the wave of the future. Amid suggestions that conservative talk shows may be getting tired, Schultz's show has been purchased by two major broadcasting executives who were instrumental in developing Limbaugh and Clear Channel, it's now on 105 stations in 9 of the top 10 radio markets (it started on two small stations in January 2004 and within a few months it was on 25 stations) versus Air America's 95 stations, two satellite feeds — and its style differs from both Air America's and conservative talk shows.


Schultz: Well, I don’t think you can make an impact in less than a year. Let’s be honest about this. You’ve got to have critical mass. If you don’t have critical mass, it’s going to be hard to have an impact. That’s just the radio business.You know, I’m not on the air to make sure somebody gets elected. I’m on the air to do a great radio show. I’m part of a business plan. I’m not part of an election plan. I happen to be a progressive and liberal on many issues — and centrist on quite a few as well....I’m on a mission to do a great radio show and tell the truth.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

KXXT/Phoenix sold

Not sure if this means that liberal talk may have to find a new home in Phoenix. Communicom currently owns a station in New Orleans, which airs religious programming and infomercials. Not much is known about Communicom, though they did contribute to a Republican congressman in California, for what it's worth. KXXT may just stay as-is, as they are actually doing better in the ratings than they possibly could with any other format.

Stay tuned.

James Crystal Enterprises Sells Trio Of AMs To Communicom

Communicom Broadcasting, the owners of Religious WLNO/New Orleans, have purchased Religious WLVJ/West Palm Beach-Miami and two AMs in Phoenix — Talker KXXT (Air America Phoenix) and Religious KXEG — from James Crystal Enterprises for $20 million in cash.

The deal marks a return to multiple-station ownership for Communicom, which at one time owned religious stations in such markets as New York, Philadelphia, Boston and San Antonio. James Crystal will continue to own and operate WDJA, WFTL, WJBW & WJNA/West Palm Beach, in addition to KNIF/Roswell, NM. John Pierce served as the exclusive broker in the Communicom deal.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Liberal talk moves around in New Mexico

Thanks to Robmidi for this:

Air America Radio moved back to back to a station with a stronger daytime signal, KTRC 1260 AM in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Oct. 3, 2005. (AAR was first heard in Santa Fe, on KTRC 1260 AM, from Nov. 15, 2004 until it was moved to KVSF 1400 AM on Mar. 29, 2005.)

And Air America welcomes a new affiliate in New Mexico. KVOT (95.9FM) in Taos, New Mexico will make the switch on October 17.

Long an outlet for the GOP message, talk radio undergoes a shift


There are signs that the Republicans could be losing some of their overwhelming edge, however. Ratings for Limbaugh and Hannity slipped this spring in some markets. Liberals such as Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller and Al Franken are carving out their own radio niche. And Democrats argue that they have an edge on the Internet, where explosive growth could dwarf the political impact of radio.

Some of that could be just wishful thinking by Democrats. The slip in ratings, for example, could be a normal drop in political interest after an election year. They also could be untrue - radio ratings are difficult to measure. And even if Limbaugh and Hannity have fewer listeners than they did in the past, they still have millions more than liberal talk show hosts.

"We're not there yet," Franken said in an interview.

"My numbers are going up, and theirs are going down. But if I have a million and half people listening to me, that's still just one-tenth of Rush's audience."


Limbaugh lost 30 percent of his audience in Minneapolis-St. Paul this spring from a year earlier. He also lost 9 percent in Miami and 7 percent in Kansas City, Mo. He did have gains in some smaller markets, however, including Charlotte, N.C., and Fort Wayne, Ind.

Some of the loss can be attributed to listeners tuning out after an election year. But they also might be growing weary of the Limbaugh and Hannity format.

"They're pretty much talking about the same thing every day," said Holland Cooke, a Cleveland-based radio industry consultant who said the hosts tend to talk about the same subjects and interview the same guests over and over.

"Last week, Sean Hannity had Newt Gingrich coming on. I've already heard that show. Then he said he had Ann Coulter coming on. I've already heard that show. It's a rerun. You already know what he's going to say."


(Democrats) think they can reach more people through the Internet than Republicans. Internet users are younger and more independent-minded than radio listeners and more open to the Democratic message, Lehane said. Democrats

Howard Dean and John Kerry showed in their 2004 presidential campaigns that they could reach and organize millions of people through the Internet.

Yet if the communications of politics is changing, it hasn't changed that much yet.


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ed Schultz coming to Armed Forces Radio

Ed announced on his show yesterday that his show will be on Armed Forces Radio (AFRTS) starting October 17.

No news link as of yet, but you can follow-up with these two links:

The Ed Schultz Show

AFRTS Home Page

Friday, September 30, 2005

Lanpher leaving Franken show

Katherine Lanpher is leaving as co-host of Air America radio's "The Al Franken Show'' to write a book. Her last day is Oct. 7, and she has mixed emotions about the move.

"I think any change, even if it's one that is positive, is exhausting and saddening. It's topsy-turvy and scary,'' she said by telephone Thursday from her New York office.

Lanpher, 46, is a former Pioneer Press columnist. She hosted Minnesota Public Radio's Midmorning show from 1998 to January of 2004, when she moved to New York to join fellow Minnesotan Al Franken's fledgling radio show.

Her book, a memoir/essay collection, will be published in the fall of 2006. It will launch a still-to-be-named Time Warner Book Group imprint for books that will address mid-life and reinvention.


bugmenot.com login

Thursday, September 29, 2005

AAR leaves WHAT-AM in Philly, may land on another affiliate

Al Franken and Randi Rhodes are getting the boot from Philadelphia airwaves, as WHAT-AM (1340) is pulling off programming from Air America, the liberal talk-radio network.

Friday will be the last day, and a new WHAT lineup will begin Monday, said general manager Kernie Anderson, adding that "things were not working out" with Air America after about a year.

WHAT aired Air America's programming from noon to 7 p.m. weekdays, sandwiched between the rest of its lineup. The juxtaposition of liberal talk and WHAT's African America-targeted talk programming seemed an odd fit from the start.

Ratings were abysmal.


An Air America spokesman said: "While we hate to lose affiliates, it is very common to add and drop affiliates due to local market conditions. While we hate to lose WHAT-AM, we are currently in negotiations with another station and hope to make that announcement soon."


Sacramento Shuffle

Air America is switching stations in Sacramento. The website for KSAC (aka Talk City) claims that changes are coming to the station in October. KSAC will drop AAR programming around Monday, October 3, and will replace it with Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, and an expanded Christine Craft.

Rumor has it that relations between Air America and Talk City have never been good, and AAR sought out a new affiliate. They found one in stronger-signalled adult standards station KCTC (1320). Air America will be silent in Sacramento for a month before moving to KCTC on Nov. 1, according to Air America spokeswoman Jamie Horn.

"1320 AM is a more powerful station that will allow us to reach Stockton and Yuba City for the first time," Horn said in a prepared statement.

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Chattanooga, TN gets liberal talk

WDOD-AM plans to switch on Monday to from adult standards music to a "progressive talk format," officials said Thursday.

AM 1310 “The Voice” will target listeners who hold moderate to liberal political view points, and will be billed as “Modern Talk for Modern Times.”


The new WDOD-AM programming line-up includes:

AM 1310 “The Voice” WDOD-AM

7AM-8AM Bill Press Show
8AM-9AM Chattanooga’s Street Talk
9AM-12PM The Stephanie Miller Show
12PM-3PM Al Franken
3PM-7PM Randi Rhodes
7PM-10PM Majority Report with Janeane Garofalo
10PM-1AM Mike Malloy

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Danny Goldberg explains the AAR Associates Program

NOTE: I am posting the entire article, since it is more or less a statement by Air America's CEO, Danny Goldberg:

Right Wing Media Gets Desperate

Recently, Air America Radio came under attack from the same cast of right wing media characters who have attacked the Network for ideological reasons from day one.

A recent piece in the New York Post by John Mainelli states that “Air America is in...bad financial shape.” On September 20th Bill O’Reilly on Fox News which, like the New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation said that Air America “could be on its last legs.”

This is untrue.

Air America is in strong financial shape. Last week we started broadcasting from our new multi-million dollar studios.

Several weeks earlier the Board of Directors of Air America’s parent company accelerated re-payment of a loan from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club of $875,000 two years in advance of a previously agreed upon re-payment plan. In the last several months, Air America has expanded its executive team to augment our efforts on the internet and in affiliate relations.

The pretext for the latest smears is an initiative I launched last week called Air America Associates, in which I asked our listeners to support our programming financially and at various levels offer bumper stickers, tote bags, etc. as a way of thanking them. (We received thousands of responses, far beyond what we projected for the first few days).

Many of our listeners also listen to NPR stations and Pacifica and are used to supporting radio programming they like. I got the idea from the Nation Magazine’s program “The Nation Associates” which helps them fund investigative journalism. Like Air America Radio, The Nation is a for-profit company.

But the conservative propagandists have tried to make it seem like there is something unseemly because Air America Radio is both commercial—and a radio network, as O’Reilly said last night, “I have never seen a commercial enterprise ask their listeners for money—ever” This is also false. The modern model of the broadcasting business involves numerous revenue streams. If anything, Air America has been late in fully building such an infrastructure which the “Associates” is a part of.

For example, Rush Limbaugh’s Web-site offers his fans the “Limbaugh Letter” for $34.95 a year and a totally separate service called Rush 24/7 which includes access to archived programs at the cost of $49.95 a year. The Limbaugh site also features the “EIB Store” which sells such items as $19.95 polo shirt which amusingly says, “My Mullah went to G’itmo and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

The Sean Hannity Web-site features a “subscription” to something called, “The Hannity Insider” for $5.95 a month.

But no one tops the self proclaimed non-spinner Bill O’Reilly. Bill O’Reilly.com offers a “premium membership” for either $4.95 a month or $49.95 a year. He also offers a “Gift certificate” for $14.95. Products for sale on the Web site include:

-- Radio Factor diner coffee mug available in white or navy blue for $14.95
- O’Reilly Factor keychain for $7.95 “while supplies last.”
--Three different “No Spin” tote bags at $14.95 apiece
--Ten different hats at a cost of $16.95 each
--The “no spin” jacket for $79.95
--The “ Unisex Black Fleece” embroidered with “The Spin Stops Here” for $39.95
--Several bumper stickers including one that reads “Boycott France” for $2.50
--License plate frame for $18.95
--Three different “No Spin” tote bags at $14.95 each
--An O’Reilly Factor Gear Bag at $64.95
-- “Mens Garment Bag” for $64.95 (sorry ladies!)
--a “Spin Stops Here” organizer briefcase
--A “Spin Stops Here” pen and pad bundle for $19.95
--Two different designs of “Spin Stops Here” doormats for $49.95 and
--Two different “Rain Stops Here” umbrellas at $24.95(“Show everyone who protects you from the rain”)

Mainelli’s article also repeated another falsehood about Air America saying “More recently the 70 station left network has been suffering lower ratings.” His corporate cousin O’Reilly wishfully stated on August 17th said “Air America—nobody is listening to it,” On Aug 3rd O’Reilly claimed that “Air America cannot support itself because of low ratings” and on July 26th O’Reilly said “The Air America radio network continues to fail with catastrophic ratings here in New York City. ”

In fact, the ratings for the Bill O’Reilly radio show in New York were worse than those on Air America that he described as “catastrophic” In the key 25-54 year demographic which talk radio offers to advertisers, the Spring, 2005 Arbitron ratings showed that Monday-Friday from 2-4 PM when O’Reilly is on WOR-AM and which at Air America’s 1190 WLIB-AM contains the last hour of “The Al Franken Show” and the first hour of “The Randi Rhodes Show,” that O’Reilly had a .3 share and Air America a .4 share. O’Reilly had a cumulative audience of 75,400 and Air America had a cumulative audience of 89,300.

Inevitably ratings go up and down and vary from time slot to time slot and from market to market. Right wing bloggers have had fun cherry picking isolated pieces of ratings reports to distort the enormous enthusiasm Air America’s growing audience has demonstrated. At the vast majority of our affiliates Air America ratings are up. On a nationwide basis the most recent Arbitron ratings Spring 2005 book showed that our affiliates reach over three million people per week each of whom listens for an average of several hours a week. This is more than triple the amount of people who were listening when measured one year earlier in the Spring, 2004 book.

I do not intend to write something every time something like this happens. In the almost six months during which I have been CEO of Air America Radio, I have refrained, for the most part, from responding to the litany of attacks, lies, half-truths and smears from various members of the right-wing media. In general, it seems to me that paying too much attention to these people only encourages them and that we, at Air America, need to get used to the fact that the spirited progressive opinions of our on-air talent and of our audience will attract the kind of mean-spirited smears that are endemic to contemporary political conversation.

After having a near monopoly on talk radio for so many years, some conservative media types are literally freaked out at confronting robust, persistent and passionate opposition. On Sept 26th, O’Reilly desperately claimed that “Air America’s basic flaw is that “Americans do not want to hear that their country sucks 24 hours a day.” Of course the talent and management of Air America have a love of our country which is what animates all passionate debate on political issues form the left, right and center.

It is an obsession with stifling debate—even at the cost of using lies and distortions, which is un-American.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Air America starts 'Associates Program'

Following the lead of people like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Sean Hannity, Air America is starting their own 'insider' program. This was announced via email to devoted listeners, and no press release was issued, as far as I know. Message board communities across the web are talking about this. Of course, the so-called conservatives are blasting it, claiming that it was little more than begging. Same with people on the left. I was a bit skeptical myself, but after realizing that many other talk hosts are doing virtually the same thing, I say, why not? After all, I never accused Limbaugh, Hannity and their ilk of whoring themselves. Hey, they're just marketing themselves. And if people want to pay them for it, so be it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Radio host gets love, no 'muffins'

CARRBORO -- Radio host Stephanie Miller started her show at the ArtsCenter last week with a potentially deadly faux pas.
Five minutes before air time, Miller, casually dressed in blue jeans and a long-sleeve black T-shirt adorned with a stop sign on the front that read WAR, greeted the audience with "How ya doin', Chapel Hill?"

"Carrboro!" someone shouted back, to a round of applause and laughter.

It was all in fun, though. From start to finish, liberal radio host Miller's live appearance Friday morning, in front of about 270 WCHL listeners, was all love. If any of her "right-wing love muffins," as Miller likes to call her phone-in antagonists, were in attendance, they didn't let themselves be known.

Flanked by "voice monkey" Jim Ward, Miller went right to work lampooning President Bush's address to the nation the night before. Ward was a big hit with the audience, which finally had a chance to see him get into character physically. He squinted and tucked his lips when he imitated the president, donned glasses (and, again, squinted) when he did Donald Rumsfeld ("Do I expect to be rewarded with another shiny medal? You bet"), and crimped his neck and sneered when he did Sean Hannity.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ed Schultz Show Picks Up Affiliate No. 100

Jones Radio Networks-syndicated progressive talker Ed Schultz can now be heard in his hometown, on Sinclair Telecable's WTAR/Norfolk. WTAR owner/GM Bob Sinclair says, "Our listeners are thrilled with the addition of The Ed Schultz Show to WTAR's lineup. We are proud to be the 100th affiliate and elated with his national success." The Ed Schultz Show airs live Monday-Friday from 3-6pm ET.

Air America Radio Completes New Studio

Air America Radio has announced the completion of its new Network studio. Air America and its featured programming will now broadcast live from its flagship station, WLIB 1190 AM.

The announcement was made by Network CEO Danny Goldberg and President of Air America Radio Gary Krantz.

Beginning this week, all weekday programs on Air America Radio (with the exception of The Al Franken Show and Springer on the Radio will broadcast from the Network’s headquarters on Sixth Ave. in New York.

“Beginning today, Air America Radio hit another major milestone and began broadcasting to NYC and 70+ markets across the country. This is another huge step forward in its growth as the fastest growing radio network in the United States with our new state-of-the-art studio,” said Krantz.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Investors seek to bring AAR to smaller communities

The co-founders of Air America are forming a company to buy rural radio stations to spread the reach of the liberal-oriented radio network. Northbrook (IL) venture capitalists Anita and Shelley Drobny, who retain a minority interest in Air America, are seeking to raise an initial $5 million to buy eight or nine stations in communities with fewer than 100,000 residents.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

WHJJ/Providence phasing out AAR

Not surprising. Ratings dipped (as they did for competition) in the past year or so. WHJJ caught a lot of flack for replacing much of their local programming with syndicated fare. Now they're going back to that.

...WHJJ decided to go with a syndicated lineup from liberal talk network Air America. Ratings immediately dropped, falling 16 percent from the fall of 2003 to the fall of 2004.

Bill George, program director for WHJJ, said the Air America experiment is essentially over.

"We tried to do something big and different," he said. "Needless to say, we were not pleased with the results . . . we are now committed to live and local talk."

WHJJ is still broadcasting The Al Franken Show, Air America's showcase, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., but George said changes in that time slot will be announced within a few weeks.

Friday, September 09, 2005

KPTK/Seattle shuffles it's lineup

KPTK-AM (1090) is shuffling its weekday lineup to emphasize West Coast hosts beginning Monday. Stephanie Miller's Los Angeles-based show takes over the 6-9 a.m. slot currently held by "Morning Sedition," which moves to 3-5 a.m. Thom Hartmann's show, originating in Portland, takes over the 9 a.m.-noon slot currently held by Al Franken, who moves to 3-6 p.m. Ed Schultz stays at noon-3 p.m., while Randi Rhodes takes the 6-10 p.m. slot and Mike Malloy is heard 10 p.m.-1 a.m.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Will Moore turn Katrina into film?

Will Michael Moore turn his cameras on Katrina?

The controversial filmmaker is “seriously considering” turning the devastating storm and its aftermath into a documentary, says a source. “It has all the elements that made ‘Fahrenheit 911’ such a powerful film,” says a source. “The political outrage, the human suffering, and the incredible footage.”

Moore’s rep didn’t have a comment by press time, but Moore certainly isn’t being silent about Katrina on his Web site. “There is much to be said and done about the manmade annihilation of New Orleans, caused NOT by a hurricane but by the very specific decisions made by the Bush administration in the past four and a half years,” he wrote. “Do not listen to anyone who says we can discuss all this later. No, we can’t. Our country is in an immediate state of vulnerability. More hurricanes, wars, and other disasters are on the way, and a lazy bunch of self-satisfied lunatics are still running the show.”

AAR branches out, signs Hartmann

AIR AMERICA RADIO is launching a new syndication division to offer shows separate from the network's regular offerings to both Progressive Talk and other talk/music formats. The new AIR AMERICA SYNDICATION's first offering will be KPOJ-A/PORTLAND's THOM HARTMANN's national show, which will be sent out live Noon-3p (ET) weekdays (and will be aired SUNDAY middays on WLIB-A/NEW YORK). JONES MEDIAAMERICA is handling sales for the new venture.

AIR AMERICA RADIO President GARY KRANTZ said, "THOM HARTMANN has shown enormous success in many markets around the country, from SEATTLE to PITTSBURGH. "We are thrilled to have THOM be a part of AIR AMERICA's unmatched line-up of talent and are looking forward to helping him grow in affiliations, audience, revenue, and most importantly, as an important progressive voice in the media landscape."

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

KQDS-AM/Duluth, MN picks up AAR

As of September 6, KQDS (1490 AM) is carrying programming from Air America.

The station broadcasts day and night with 1KW of power. Not very strong, but strong enough to cover the Twin Ports of Duluth and neighboring Superior, WI. Their previous format was a feed of CNN Headline News, so this is obviously an upgrade to a more distinctive and attention-grabbing format. There is no website for this station. Come to think about it, Red Rock Broadcasting, owners of KQDS and a few other stations (including classic rocker KQDS-FM), as well as the local FOX affiliate (KQDS-TV) doesn't have websites for any of their stations.

“We are very pleased to offer another choice to area radio listeners,” said Shawn Skramstad, Red Rock Radio general manager. “Air America presents a counter viewpoint to the prevalent right of center talk radio you can find on most other talk radio stations.”

Skramstad is also confident that Air America’s Minnesota connection will contribute to its success. “Both Al Franken and his co-host Katherine Lanpher are from Minnesota,” Skramstad said. “I think those connections combined with Al Franken’s entertainment and comedic value will go over well with radio listeners in this region.”


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Here's a new one: WLTQ/Charleston, SC drops AAR for adult standards

Usually, it's been the other way around. And this is after ratings have started to improve.

The Clear Channel AM has dropped the liberal Talk radio network's programming and is now simulcasting sister News/Talk WSCC-FM. Clear Channel/Charleston Director/Talk Programming Richard Bachschmidt tells R&R the simulcast is only temporary: On Tuesday WLTQ will flip to Adult Standards as "AM 730, The Music Of Your Life."

Friday, September 02, 2005

Bill Press looking to syndicate on his own

Pharmaceutical executive Milan Panic and money manager Richard Blum, the husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), are among the investors in a new liberal radio program created by former CNN commentator Bill Press.

Press, a former co-host of CNN's "Crossfire" television show, is seeking to raise $2 million for a private company that is distributing the new program. He has raised $450,000 from 11 investors, according to an August filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Press, a former chairman of the California Democratic Party, said the program will emphasize "progressive" values, and his goal is to syndicate it nationally. The idea is create a profit-making venture and a counterbalance to such conservative talk-radio hosts as Rush Limbaugh, Press said.

The program began broadcasting June 26 through Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. XM Satellite Radio, Sirius' main competitor, last year began carrying Air America Radio, a liberal station whose hosts include entertainers Janeane Garofalo and Al Franken.

Bill Press' site can be found here. He is currently carried on three terrestrial stations:

WARF 1350 AM - Akron, Ohio
KRXA 540 AM - Monterey, California (streaming)
KKNS 105.9 FM - Missoula, Montana

He can also be found on Sirius Left, channel 143.

Monday, August 29, 2005

AAR to go 24/7 in Burlington, VT

Next Monday (Sept. 6), WVAA (1390 Burlington) will pick up the Air America talk and WTWK calls currently being heard on the daytime-only 1070 signal from Plattsburgh, N.Y.

Both stations broadcast at 5000 watts, but 1070 is a daytime-only, while 1390 is a 24/7 signal. 1070 was a Plattsburgh signal that was a bit weak in Burlington, while 1390 is a Burlington station that fades a little bit in Plattsburgh.

No word yet on 1070's new format, as the classic country programming previously on 1390 will move to 93.7 FM.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Two stations added to listings

WRVC (930 AM) is located in Huntington, WV. They broadcast local programming in the morning, and air Al Franken, Ed Schultz and the Air America feed after 7pm and on weekends. It is not yet listed as an affiliate on the Air America website.

And, of course, not everyone likes it. I wonder if this idiot complained about hate speech when President Clinton was in the White House? I'm sure you're answer is the same as mine.

And a reader passed along this link. The station is WRFN (98.9FM) in Nashville, TN. WRFN is a low-power, non-commercial FM station just outside of Nashville. They carry Pacifica programming, as well as Thom Hartmann's show in the morning.

So if you're ever in Huntington or Nashville, check 'em out.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

San Antonio finally gets an Air America affiliate

From FMQB.com:

KTXX/Karnes City flips from CHR to Air America 103.1, San Antone. The suburban San Antonio outlet is now the 70th Air America affiliate.

About the station:

KTXX-FM 103.1 MHz
Karnes City, Texas

Station Owner:
Palm Broadcasting Company
Austin, TX 78701

Area of Coverage: View Coverage Map
Effective Radiated Power: 34,000 Watts

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bush whacked by The Stones?

Image courtesy of Crooks and Liars
(Thanks to Crooks and Liars for the image)

The Rolling Stones accuse US President GEORGE W BUSH of being "full of sh*t" on their new album.

The track ’Sweet Neo Con’, one of the tracks on the forthcoming ’A Bigger Bang’, was already known to be fiercely anti-Bush.

However, frontman Mick Jagger's disdain for the American leader has now been confirmed, with Rolling Stones singer revealing some of the lyrics in an interview with Newsweek.

But the singer has revealed that guitarist Keith Richards, who lives in the US, is a bit worried about the direct nature of the words.

An extract from ’Sweet Neo Con’ features the following lines: "You call yourself a Christian, I call you u a hypocrite/You call yourself a patriot, well I think you're full of sh*t."

Jagger said of the track: “It is direct. Keith said: ‘It's not really metaphorical.’



A song on the new Rolling Stones album 'A Bigger Bang' is very critical of the Bush administration's policies in the war against terrorism.

The lyrics to the song 'Sweet Neo Con' include the verse:

'You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite/You call yourself a patriot, well I think you’re full of ...'
'It’s liberty for all, democracy’s our style/Unless you are against us, then it’s prison without trial.'

Stones lead singer Mick Jagger says the song is not a personal attack on Bush, just a statement against many of his policies.

'It is certainly very critical of certain policies of the (Bush) administration, but so what! Lots of people are critical,' Jagger said.

Jagger told the TV show 'Extra' that 'It's not aimed, personally aimed, at President Bush,' he said. 'It wouldn't be called Sweet Neo Con if it was.'


Hopefully this will be the last word on this issue

The story regarding former Air America CEO Evan Cohen and the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club has been floating around the RW blogs and RW media sources for a couple weeks or so. Never mind Karl Rove. Forget Halliburton. Bush's rapidly sinking approval numbers? Irrelevant. His endless vacations? Means nothing.

Interesting to note that they'll try to burn anyone to the left of them at the stake for 'taking money from children', but disregard the fact that their party has been doing just that this whole decade. Of course, they'll never admit it.

But heaven forbid Air America's former CEO (who, by the way, is a former GOP operative) gets caught up in some sort of suspected funds misplacement controversy!

If this is all they've got for scandal, they're in for a rough four years.

I hesitated to post anything about it here, seeing as it was merely neocon blogger nonsense. But this will (hopefully) be the first and last mention of this on this site. The following is a statement from Air America, which can be found here:


If the allegations of mismanagement and corruption at Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club are true, it is absolutely disgraceful.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal and the HBO Documentary, Left of the Dial‚ the company that the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club officials gave money to, Progress Media, has been defunct since May 2004. That company was run at the time by Evan Cohen who has not had any involvement in Air America Radio since May 2004.

The current owners of Air America Radio have no obligation to Progress Media's business activities. We are very disturbed that Air America Radio's good name could be associated with a reduction in services for young people, which is why we agreed months ago to fully compensate the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club as a result of this transaction.

We at Air America Radio strongly believe in the mission of Boys and Girls Clubs to provide a safe and nurturing place for young people to learn and grow. As a result, we recently allowed the same club, Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, to use our name in a fundraising effort for a summer camp for children in their community.

The funding for Camp Air America was raised and collected entirely by the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, and Air America promoted the camp on air and urged support for it. A link on our web site sent those interested in contributing to the camp to the Gloria Wise web site. Regrettably, the camp did not survive the closure of the Gloria Wise organization. We have offered any individuals who contributed to the camp as a result of Air America's promotion the option of a refund paid for by Air America Radio and the Club offered the alternative option of having their donation redirected to Kip's Bay Boys and Girls Club.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

KSZL/Barstow picks up Air America

The lowdown:

KSZL-AM 1230 kHz
Barstow, California
Station Owner: Dos Costas Communications Corporation

Status Licensed Class C AM Station
Area of Coverage View Coverage Map
Hours of Operation Unlimited
Antenna Mode Non-Directional - 1 Pattern
Transmitter Power 1000 Watts

Liberal talk comes to Cajun Country

KEUN-AM/1490 in Eunice, LA (outside Lafayette) is the newest affiliate of Air America Radio.

The signal is a bit weak, and barely reaches Lafayette (it's intended market). Here's more about it from Radio Locator:

Website: http://www.keunworldwide.com/
Audio Feed: none

Station Owner:Tri-Parish Broadcasting Co., Inc.
Station Address:P. O. BOX 1049, Eunice, LA 70535

KEUN-AM Technical Info:

Status Licensed Class C AM Station
Area of Coverage View Coverage Map
Hours of Operation Unlimited
Antenna Mode Non-Directional - 1 Pattern
Transmitter Power 1000 Watts
Number of Towers 1
Transmitter Location 30° 28' 17" N, 92° 24' 51" W

Monday, August 08, 2005

ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings Dies at 67

Peter Jennings, the suave, Canadian-born broadcaster who delivered the news to Americans each night in five separate decades, died Sunday. He was 67.

Jennings, who announced in April that he had lung cancer, died at his New York home, ABC News President David Westin said late Sunday.

"Peter has been our colleague, our friend, and our leader in so many ways. None of us will be the same without him," Westin said.

With Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather, Jennings was part of a triumvirate that dominated network news for more than two decades, through the birth of cable news and the Internet. His smooth delivery and years of international reporting experience made him particularly popular among urban dwellers.

Jennings dominated the ratings from the late 1980s to the mid-'90s, when Brokaw surpassed him. He remained a Canadian until 2003, when he became a U.S. citizen, saying it had nothing to do with his politics — he did it for his family.

"He was a warm and loving and surprisingly sentimental man," said Ted Koppel, a longtime friend and fellow anchor.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

KKNS-FM/Missoula, MT is now on the air

The last of Mount Sentinel Broadcasting's Missoula radio stations is on the air, completing the trilogy of new FM stations that serve the valley.

KKNS-FM at 105.9 is largely filled with liberal programming, including shows from the Air America network.

That network's headliner is comedian, author and liberal critic Franken, whose "Al Franken Show" airs live from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Missoula.

Other voices on the new station, billed as "K-N-S," include Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes and Alan Colmes. Weekend voices include Clark Howard, Tom Leykis and Jerry Springer.

(NOTE: Bill Press will also be on the station, likely in mornings)

The station's news director, Lesley Lotto, joins reporters Mark Thorsell and Norm Garrett for what Mount Sentinel Broadcasting management calls Montana's largest full-time commercial radio news staff.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

KTHO/South Lake Tahoe switches formats, drops AAR (what little they air of it)

As far as I could tell, the only AAR show they aired was Al Franken, and that was on overnights. I can't verify, since they have no website. KTHO is a low-powered station in a very small market. Not a strong affiliate by any means.

Hold the phone. KTHO-AM 590 returned Monday to its musical roots of Barbara Streisand and Petula Clark - but with a new twist.

Air America is out, and local news is in. The South Lake Tahoe radio station plans to beef up its news offering by hiring a reporter to hit the streets, gathering community news. News director Larry Kay hired Jeff Grice of KRKC in King City to come on board Aug. 15.

The station previously aired political and sports talk shows. It will continue to broadcast Oakland A's baseball games.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Chattanooga may be getting liberal talk

The city's oldest radio station, WDOD (1310 AM), may be changing formats soon - possibly moving to a liberal talk format.

Gary Downs, general manager, said it has become more difficult to sell advertising for the "nostalgia" music now played on the "Music Of Your Life" format.

He said station officials have been looking at other formats, but no changes have yet been implemented.

Mr. Downs said, "Right now we are playing Music of Your Life. I can't say that will be the case a month from now."

He said, "We are a business, and we need to be able to sell commercials and make a profit."

Monday, July 18, 2005

AAR to pick up New Orleans affiliate

There's lots of talk on Radio Info about WSMB (1350AM). They are listed on Air America's website. And while the station hasn't flipped yet, they will on Monday July 25th, as soon as they have the right satellite receiving equipment (they were originally going to flip today).

The station is owned by Entercom, which owns progressive talkers in Rochester, NY and Memphis, TN.

Friday, July 15, 2005

California's Central Coast gets another progressive talker

In an apparent coincidence, a Watsonville AM station and a Carmel Valley AM station both will convert to liberal talk radio formats next week, giving comedian/liberal commentator Al Franken two outlets to reach a new audience on the Central Coast.

Up first on Monday will be KOMY AM-1340, a sister station to the right-leaning KSCO in Santa Cruz.

Then, on Thursday, Spanish-language talk station KRXA AM-540 in Carmel Valley, further left on the dial, makes the switch under new ownership. That station was acquired Friday by Washington, D.C., lawyer Hal Ginsberg and Peter Collins, who will be hosting a talk show.

KOMY will feature six hours of programming from the liberal Air America broadcast network. The new lineup will include Franken, author of "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" and "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations, commentator Randi Rhodes, Alan Colmes and Santa Cruz lawyer and Democratic Party activist Paul Sanford, who will be involved with programming from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day.


KRXA, formerly known as KXME, will include political comedian Stephanie Miller broadcasting live from Los Angeles; Ed Schultz, author of "Straight From the Heartland," and Collins, who has worked for talk show radio stations in San Francisco for almost 30 years, including KGO, KNBR, and KSFO.

"We're going to be presenting the antithesis to the right-wing rants that are generally on talk radio," said Ginsberg. At the same time, "it won't be a situation like NPR, where we have talking heads or pundits. We will definitely be challenging our guests."


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

KOMY/Santa Cruz picks up AAR

As of Monday morning, liberals can tune into talk radio stars Al Franken and Randi Rhodes on KOMY-AM 1340.

Currently a conservative sister station to KSCO-AM 1080, the dial numbers once known for agriculture news and big-band music, will soon broadcast the liberal Air America talk radio network.

The deal was finalized Tuesday, said Michael Zwerling, who owns both stations.
"People have been asking for it for years, and we’re going to give it to them, big time," Zwerling said.

Since Air America launched in March 2004, Zwerling said he’s been trying to broadcast the programming throughout the Monterey Bay Area. But network representatives wanted Zwerling to carry more of their programming than he bargained for, meaning he would have to cut some local news shows.

Zwerling wasn’t willing to make that move, and KOMY continued broadcasting conservative talk radio.

Finally, "We were able to convince them that six hours of prime time is plenty in Santa Cruz," Zwerling said. "We didn’t want to commit our whole station because we wanted to leave some space for locals."


Sunday, July 10, 2005

Petition gets liberal talk-radio in Baton Rouge

Al Franken and other liberal talk-radio hosts are coming to Baton Rouge's airwaves starting Tuesday, thanks to the efforts of six women interested in having liberal talk radio in the area, an organizer said.

Vicki Lancaster, a Baton Rouge statistician, said her group of private citizens months ago started a petition campaign to bring Louisiana left-leaning radio programs like those Air America offers.

"These are public airwaves," Lancaster said. "We have a Democratic governor, Democratic senator. Why don't we have … liberal talk radio?"

About 1,500 signatures later, listeners will be able to hear the likes of left-wing comedian Franken and Bob Shultz, host of "Straight Talk from the Heartland," on WYNK 1630 AM on weekdays until sundown. On the weekends, the station will cover all the Air America programs, Lancaster said.

If Air America, launched in 2004 to rival a plethora of conservative talk programs, plays well in Baton Rouge, Clear Channel officials have told Lancaster progressive radio could hit other Louisiana cities, she said.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fresno gets their own progressive talk station

The station is KFPT-AM 790. They are owned by Infinity Broadcasting, who also own similarly-formatted KPTK in Seattle.

The irony is that Fresno is the home base for rabid right-wing site Free Republic. Quite an interesting mix, if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Progressive talk coming soon to Big Sky country

Triple-A fans in Missoula, Mont. had an extra reason to celebrate over the 4th of July weekend when KDTR "the Trail" signed on. The Spanish Peaks Broadcasting station says it is Montana's first HD radio station.

Former modern WKQX (Q101) Chicago and KMMS Bozeman morning host Robert Chase will program the station and host afternoons. Scott Hawk joins for mornings, J.J. Quinn will take middays, and evenings will be handled by Nancy Walton. During late nights, the Trail will broadcast the syndicated "Moonlight Groove Highway."

Until Chase joins the station in August, GM Dave Cowan will handle his afternoon shift. Cowan arrives from Bozeman, Mont., where he was market manager for Clear Channel's six-station cluster.

The Trail is being run by Mount Sentinel under a time brokerage agreement with Spanish Peaks. Spanish Peaks and Mount Sentinel will launch two more stations in July, one of which will be a progressive talk station, and become Montana's first Air America affiliate.

UPDATE: The new progressive station will be on 105.9. Like the other two, it is a new sign-on, and it will be on the air within a month. The call letters, according to this source will be KKNS.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Looks like Akron will be down to one liberal talker

From All Access:

First, WJMP-A/KENT, OH picked up AIR AMERICA RADIO's lineup. Then, nearby WTOU-A dropped Sports (and FOX SPORTS RADIO) and flipped to liberal talk as WARF-A (RADIO FREE OHIO). Now, WJMP is dropping AIR AMERICA and flipping to -- yes -- Sports, using -- yes -- FOX SPORTS RADIO (and PREMIERE's JIM ROME), effective JULY 5, as FOX SPORTS RADIO 1520.


Monday, June 13, 2005

Building a Left Wing CNN

Independent World Television will go public on June 15. The goal, as bold as it is big, is to create an alternative news and current affairs network that is, as its name implies, global in reach and free from corporate or government pressures.

The network’s success depends on changing the economics of media, with an audacious plan to raise $25 million a year made up of $50 donations from half a million people around the world. Money from business, advertisers and government will be prohibited.

Independent World Television is the brain child of Paul Jay, a Toronto-based award-winning documentary film-maker who made the film Return to Kandahar. Jay is also former executive producer of CBC Newsworld’s debate program Counterspin and the founder of Hot Docs.

If successful, IWTnews will have its own digital TV channels in Canada, the U.S. and other countries, and programming will be offered on its web site. Jay and his associates are negotiating with public and non-profit channels in North America, Europe and elsewhere to carry IWT programs. Link TV will carry IWT programming, ensuring that 25 million U.S. home will have access to IWT shows.

(click headline link for more)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ithaca, NY station to flip to progressive talk

Saga Communications has completed its acquisition of Eagle Broadcasting after receiving Federal Communications Commission approval for the transaction the two companies entered into last year.

The four former Eagle stations are WYXL-FM, WQNY-FM, WACU-AM, and WTKO-AM.

WTKO (1470 AM) will be undergoing a format change in the near future and changing its call letters to WNYY, says Susan Johnston, vice president of Saga’s Cayuga Group of stations. The new format will be “progressive talk,” she adds.

UPDATE: WNYY became an Air America format on Monday June 13th. Also, the Air America website lists several stations that will soon become affiliates, including WKZE in Poughkeepsie, NY and KKIT near Taos, New Mexico. But AAR also claims KKFN in Denver, CO as a second area affiliate, even though AAR is on a pretty strong signal there on KKZN. Obviously, this is an uncorrected error.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Democracy Radio spins off Ed Schultz Show

WASHINGTON, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- After demonstrating the commercialviability of progressive talk by launching and producing the most successfulprogram in the country, Democracy Radio has spun off The Ed Schultz Show inorder to return to its core mission of incubating radio talent. DemocracyRadio -- the pioneer of the Progressive Talk format -- created and producedthe show, which grew to 95 stations and 8 of the top 10 markets in only 17months of national syndication.

Founded in 2002 by Tom Athans and Paul Fiddick to combat the right-wingdominance of talk radio by launching progressive voices on America's airwaves,Democracy Radio recruited Ed Schultz to host its first nationally-syndicatedprogram. Ed hosts the 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily show from his hometown ofFargo, North Dakota, where he had been a highly-rated local talent. DemocracyRadio retained Jones Radio Networks, the nation's leading independent radiodistributor, to handle affiliate relations and advertising sales.

The Ed Schultz Show was launched January 4, 2004 to widespread skepticism."The idea is a noble one, but is doomed to fail," a leading radio programmingexecutive told the Dallas Morning News that same day. But the show grew likea prairie fire, posting stellar ratings and adding dozens of affiliates acrossthe country.

Democracy Radio, which has been called, "a successful blend of expertisein politics and the radio business," sold its stake in the show to veteranradio executive Randy Michaels, the former CEO of Clear Channel Radio, whoplayed a featured role in Rush Limbaugh's syndication.

"We are proud to have pioneered the new Progressive Talk format and tohave changed the radio industry by proving this format can succeed," saidDemocracy Radio CEO, Tom Athans. "Democracy Radio has accomplished its firstmission, now we will return to our core mission, to incubate and launch newprogressive voices on America's airwaves. Ed is a remarkable talent. With Randy Michaels taking the helm, we have no doubt that Ed will continue to bethe standard by which other progressive hosts are measured," Athans continued."Seventeen months ago, Democracy Radio was looking for the next Rush Limbaugh.Now we are going to find the next Ed Schultz."

"My hat is off to Democracy Radio for not only helping to grow The EdSchultz Show to a position of national prominence, but also for helping toestablish the dynamic new category of Progressive Talk," said Randy Michaels."Ed will continue to build on the foundation that Democracy Radio helpedestablish, and we will continue to recruit even more stations to broadcast hisshow." Michaels is the former CEO of Clear Channel Radio, and is nowPresident of Radioactive LLC.

"Democracy Radio has been a wonderful partner for the first fifteen monthsof our national syndication," said Ed Schultz. "I will always be grateful foropportunity they gave me to launch a nationally syndicated program. I'mespecially grateful to Tom Athans for having the vision and the determinationto create the Progressive Talk format."

Democracy Radio launched its second national show in September 2004,hosted by comedienne and L.A. radio host, Stephanie Miller. A former co-hostof CNBC's Equal Time, The Stephanie Miller Show has won large and loyalaudiences, especially among men, aged 25-54. In January 2005, it launched itsfirst local program, the Nancy Skinner Show, on Detroit's WDTW. Democracy Radio is planning a major expansion in 2005. CEO Tom Athanswould not elaborate, other than to proclaim, "stay tuned!"

For more information:


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

'Radio Free Ohio' invades Akron-Cleveland

As reported this weekend, WTOU in Akron, OH became WARF just after noon today. It looks like there won't be any Air America programming here as expected, since crosstown daytimer WJMP already carries it.

Clear Channel's Akron cluster has for the last week been under siege -- supposedly by local pirates. Rumors then arose that one of the company's stations would flip to Adult Hits as "Jack." All becomes clear this morning, however, as WTOU-AM (Fox Sports 1350)/Akron moves to Progressive Talk as "Radio Free Ohio," featuring syndicated hosts Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, Tom Hartman and Lionel, plus some local content.

WTOU enjoys a 5kw signal that allows it to cover not only Akron but also neighboring Cleveland, to the north.

Interesting to note that the morning slot will be helmed by Bill Press, formerly on MSNBC. No word on any syndication deal yet, or if this will be permanent, but stay tuned.

FYI: I've been getting quite a few emails from some angry Fox Sports listeners, who seem to blame me for the loss of their station. While I agree that the Cleveland area deserves a decent sports station (I grew up there), spamming my board and mailbox will not help the cause. I have no say in programming decisions there. If you want to complain, contact the station directly. Or support your favorite stations more next time, since for as long as I can remember, WTOU hasn't done very well in the Akron ratings. It doesn't even show up in the Cleveland ratings. For now, try WKNR (850) for your sports fix. But spamming me is just a waste of your time.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Is the Cleveland/Akron market getting another liberal talker?

Many hints point to Clear Channel-owned WTOU-AM (1350) ditching Fox Sports and going with an all-liberal talk format.

Democracy Radio's website lists the station as an affiliate for Ed Schultz. And Lionel's website also lists WTOU among it's affiliates. Fox Sports Radio, which is owned and syndicated in collaboration with Clear Channel-owned Premiere Networks, no longer lists WTOU on it's roster of stations.

The new WTOU would be different than most CC liberal talkers, in that they would likely not use Air America on any part of the schedule. That's because lower powered WJMP in nearby Kent is the market's AAR affiliate. This would make the station similar to KRPT in the San Antonio market, a CC liberal talker that airs all non-AAR hosts, such as Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, Lionel and Alan Colmes.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see what happens by Monday or Tuesday, when all of this should happen.

An article in the New York Times confirms it. And Clear Channel even has a website for the station, which can be found here.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day mailbag

I've been getting quite a few emails from all of you, and I must say, 'thanks'. I'm sorry that I haven't had time to reply, but work keeps me pretty busy (gotta work extra to get through this weak Bush economy). For a holiday treat (and since news is pretty slow), I'll publish a few of them here:

From: xxxxxxx
To: x_fightingirish_x@yahoo.com
Subject: Great web site!
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 01:51:17 -0500

Yeah...I just want to tell you great web site! I am a truthseeker one of Mike Malloy's long time listeners and your web site is a very good resources for those of us here in the midest who have no progressive talk radio to find it...Thanks!!

Just need to know how long until Air America radio finds, it's way onto an high output radio station? Like a 80, 000 watt am radio station????

Also last night, one of the founders of Air America radio called Mike Malloy from Chicago and complemented him for his talk show and my question is with so many wealthy and people in general who listens to progressive talk radio..

Why hasn't there been a think tank or organization that would collect many from everyone who supports progressive talk radio and have a few high power am radio station scattered around the country so in states were there is no Air America Radio then would have access to it? or maybe a short wave radio station?

The internet is a great tool but the problem is a large majority of people who call themselves liberal will never have a own a computer or a satellite radio and many live where there never will be a progressive radio station and those people are the one we need to win elections for progressive democrats....

That's the question...How can we find away to reach them....?

Maybe short wave is the best option?

Once again, great web site and thanks for creating it!


Sioux City, Iowa.

Matthew, thanks for the letter. There's no chance of liberal talk coming to any 80Kw station, but that's only because they don't exist. US stations max out at 50Kw. But that's just me being nitpicky. There are several 50Kw stations (known in the industry as 'clear channel' frequencies - not to be confused with the monster communications conglomerate) that air a liberal talk format, and even a few other stations with far-reaching capabilities.

As for shortwave, I really don't know many people who listen nowadays in the continental U.S. Not many radios on the market that will do that (though I own two - an antique 1958 Minerva desktop radio that's mostly for show, though it still sounds and looks great, and an old crappy boombox with SW that's followed me through college and my twenties and thirties looks and sounds like it. It's in rough shape.) I'm sure webcasting has more listeners in the U.S. than shortwave nowadays.

As for the format spreading, give it time. If successful enough, it may even spread to better signals. That's what happened with conservative talk.

Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 18:55:30 -0500
From: "Drew"
To: x_fightingirish_x@(nospam)yahoo.com
Subject: Trying to post comments

I tried to post a comment on your piece about NPR being "liberal radio." I received an error message that I had to be a team member in order to post. So you can post this if you want to.



Thank you for your defense of NPR. It is an oasis of information for people who like to use their own minds.

A thoroughly brainwashed relative of mine challenged me, "Why don't liberals have a Rush Limbaugh?"

Because liberals do not generally run around in cults, engage in juvenile name calling, and value not only their individuality, but their ability to process information and think for themselves.

It is only natural to grow bored of mainstream music channels. Let's hope more people surf the dials and find NPR affiliates instead of cheesy so-called conservative talk radio.

America doesn't need any more brainwashed morons and mimicking ditto heads. We have a lot more serious reality-based problems to deal rather than: homophobia, censorship, religious cults, and undermining intelligent people.

Drew, thanks for the email. I had to disable anonymous posting here a while back when this blog got overrun by trolls. I recently returned this feature, though I do reserve the right to delete any post that doesn't work with the flow of this site or is nasty, vulgar or juvenile.

Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 09:56:21 -0400
From: "Mark"

You don't allow conservatives to post on ltr blogspot? Curious, conservatives as self-proclaimed, or judged by you? Conservatives allow liberals on their talk radio, why do you think the opposite does not occur?

Uhhh… when did I ever say that conservatives can’t post here? I disabled posting for everyone a while back when trolls started leaving nasty messages. I have since returned that feature, but only for people who play nice. Besides, it’s my blog, and whatever posts are here and work effectively with the flow of the board will stay, and it is up to my discretion. This isn’t a debate site. I was utilizing a message board in conjunction with this site, but you would have felt alone anyways - nobody was posting on it. I have removed the message board link and may take it down or retool it. But comments are welcome on any entries, provided they have something to do with the topic.

I can see this is not a forum for open exchange of ideas in response to statements on liberal talk radio. Perhaps you can direct me to such, because I would like to critique what I hear. I listen to both sides, intently, and therefore think I possess an idea or two to worth consideration.

That’s not what this site is about. If you want to comment on what you hear on the radio, there are quite a few sites for that. Start with a few on the right-hand column. I don't cover what's being discussed on-air, since there are many sites that already do that, and do it well. I take a different approach, and I reserve the right to make sure this place stays on topic.

Just one for the mills: Stem Cell research. I hear liberal pundits trashing the moral values of red-staters for their narrow views relating to embryo rights, also claiming Bush is a Corporatist (whatever that is). If Bush were a Corporatist, would he not want money to go to Stem Cell research, to enrich the 'corporations' performing the research?

Huh? What does this site have to do with stem cell research? This is about radio.

As a matter of fact, there are many 'corporations' performing Human Embryo Stem Cell research on lines outside of Bush's limitations, freely, and funded quite well by, guess who, private investors.


Bush respects the moral values of those who would prefer their tax money not be used to destroy embryos. Bush also allows private investment of those who prefer to do such. Which is what a President of all the people should do.

Here's a fun activity: Read the Ten Commandments, and check off all the ones that Dubya has broken. Yeah, he's a real moral guy. Sheesh!

I hear literally hours of Bush bashing on liberal talk radio about the 'ban' on Stem Cell research. If the left truly wanted more funding to go there, all they have to do is ask their listeners to donate money to those charities which are funding such. This way, thier money goe directly to the cause, and not through the wasteful 'auspices' of a goverment bureaucracy.

If you “hear literally hours of Bush bashing on liberal talk radio” and don’t like it, then why do you listen? I’m sure Rush and Sean are playing in your market.

Before you go believing other liberals as to who's investing, perhaps you should read this from ABC news: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/Technology/story?id=273177&page=1

Geron, based in California, already has 20 patents, and that's before California made its overtaxed residents fork over money to the cause. Does Geron need more money? Corporatist! If I invest in a mutual fund, am I a corporatist?

And why should I, publisher of a radio blog, really care?

Guess this is not a scoop. Thrill me with a response. Tell me where there's a FREE exchange of ideas, left and right?

Thank you for your time.
Mark in Philly

Well, as I said, this is not a debate site. There are many out there, and seeing that you’re pretty well informed, I’m sure you should have no problem finding one. Must I do all the work? Tell ya what, I'll get you started. Nonetheless, congratulations! Your rant has been published. Sorry that I haven't had the chance to respond in a timely manner, but I work overtime to try to get ahead in this anemic Bush economy.

And while we're having fun with the dittoheads...

From: "Jeffrey"
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 12:24:02 -0400


But I like the picture! Besides, he does have a regular Saturday morning radio thing, where he addresses the nation. BTW: The "Caps lock" button is on the left side of your keyboard. It works for both undercase and uppercase. Try it.

Some people just have no sense of humor. Perhaps if conservatives were actually positive people, they would actually run an effective government. All it seems to be is hate and hostility, and that's not a way to get things done.

And finally, in the "what the hell is he talking about" section...

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 19:08:28 -0800
From: "Gene"
To: x_fightingirish_x@(nospam)yahoo.com
Subject: Programming

Thanks, You have caused me to discove KAYO You new programming SUCKS.

(scratches head).

Well, that's the cream of the crop so far, but I'll dig through all the spam and find some more. Enjoy the holiday!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Chuck D Back On Air America

As expected, Public Enemy co-founder Chuck D picks up a new show on Air America, “On The Real,” which will debut May 29 with actor/comedian Jamie Foxx as the first guest.

Co-hosted by writer/producer Gia Garrell, the show promises “music, comedy and verbal sparring highlighting the impact of current, global, sociopolitical issues,” according to a company release.

“Chuck D and Gia’s show will provide listeners with the perfect mix of political activism and pop culture,” Air America Co-COO/president of programming Jon Sinton said in a statement.

D had been co-host for the daily show “Unfiltered,” which was cancelled on March 31.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

AAR loses Warren/Youngstown affiliate in management power struggle

Thanks to RadioInfo poster MPW for the heads up. There's also a thread with more information at Democratic Underground. Here's the story:

Mike Arch is the former manager of the station, and with some help from possibly naive supporters, has wrestled control of WANR (1570AM) from Beacon Broadcasting. As a result, Town Talk Productions, who had a Local Marketing Agreement (LMA) with them was kicked to the curb as of yesterday, along with the liberal talk programming. Air America is gone from the Youngstown/Warren airwaves as a result of this ongoing power struggle.

In it's place is Christian-based fundamentalist programming, likely to Mr. Arch's liking.

AAR has a contract with Town Talk, as managers of the station, that runs through April 2006. They are looking at legal remedies. Likely, all roads will come to Mr. Arch, who cancelled the LMA contract.

Stay tuned for more of this ongoing drama. You can also read more on the "Talk Of The Town" message board:


Monday, May 16, 2005

Binghamton, NY gets a liberal talker

It's old news by now, but liberal talk came to a tiny station in Binghamton last Monday (5/9). WYOS (1360), owned by Citadel Communications, dumped their roster of second-tier conservative talkers (Glen Beck, Dr. Laura, Bill O'Reilly, etc.) and picked up several Air America shows, Stephanie Miller and Doug Stephan.

You can see their schedule here.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Columbia, SC gets liberal talker

According to several message boards, WOIC-AM (1230) is flipping from sports talk to a liberal talk format. The Air America Radio website had a brief snippet about it, but is now nowhere to be found.

The station is owned by Inner City Broadcasting, which owns AAR's flagship, WLIB-AM, in New York.

Progressive Talk Launches in Chicago

Here's more about the launch of WCPT-AM in Chicago. It is now confirmed.

Progressive talk WCPT-AM Chicago launches May 5, billed as “Our Kind of Talk for Our Kind of Town.”

WCPT debuts at 8 a.m. Thursday with Springer on the Radio, hosted by former Cincinnati Mayor Jerry Springer via Air America Radio. Then, beginning May 6, WCPT begins its broadcast day at 5:30 a.m. with Morning Sedition, hosted by Marc Maron and Mark Riley via Air America Radio, with Springer on the Radio to follow at 8 a.m.

At 11 a.m. is The Al Franken Show from Air America Radio. He is joined by veteran journalist Katherine Lanpher. At 2 p.m. is the Ed Schultz Show, via Jones Radio Networks. Rounding out the broadcast day at 5 p.m. is The Randi Rhodes Show from Air America RadioWCPT will air several other shows on the weekend hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio, former WLS radio host, Mike Malloy, political activist David Bender, singer-songwriter, and Grammy Award-winner, Steve Earle and The Lionel Show.

WCPT will also have top-of-the-hour newscasts as well as local traffic and weather reports during the morning and afternoon drive times.

AAR returning to Chicago

Air America, the left-wing talk-radio network that disappeared from local airwaves due to a financial dispute shortly after it debuted a year ago April, appears certain to return to a new home at 850 on the AM dial.

The formal announcement will come "within the next 24 to 48 hours," said Fred Eychaner on Monday morning. He's the owner of Newsweb Corp., which operates nine area radio stations, including the future WCPT (for "Chicago's Progressive Talk").


Friday, April 22, 2005

Stephanie Miller Show finally back in L.A.

WASHINGTON, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Progressive Talk superstar Stephanie Miller will bring her nationally-syndicated show to Los Angeles, starting May 2nd when KTLK AM-1150 begins broadcasting her daily program. From 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. local time, Angelinos will again be able to wake up and commute to work with The Stephanie Miller Show. KTLK will become the flagship station for Stephanie, who is well-known in L.A., having previously hosted shows on KABC and KFI.

In her first ratings book (Fall 2004) Stephanie won remarkable audience shares in key markets like New Haven, Connecticut, Columbus, Ohio, and Asheville, North Carolina. More impressively, the show earned higher audiences with men 25-54 than adults in the same age cohort.

Los Angeles is the biggest radio market in the nation, measured by advertising revenue. The announcement by KTLK caps a recent spate of affiliate clearances, which have been picking up the show at a feverish pace. In the last month, Stephanie has added local affiliates in Reno, Nevada, Binghamton, New York, San Antonio, Texas, Quad Cites, Iowa, Eugene, Oregon, Eureka, California, and Daytona Beach, Florida.

On KTLK, The Stephanie Miller Show replaces Air America's Morning Sedition.
"I am beyond thrilled to be back on the radio live in my hometown, and especially with the great team at KTLK," said Stephanie Miller. "Finally, progressive talk in L.A.!"

(click headline link for more)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Air America comes to Akron/Cleveland

WJMP AM/1520 in Akron will start airing the liberal talk-humor network Monday, May 2.

The network, which launched in March 2004, is billed as an alternative to the conservative voices dominating talk radio. It features Al Franken, Randi Rhodes and Janeane Garofalo and recently added Jerry Springer. It's on 53 stations nationwide but was slow coming to Ohio.

"We're targeting the NPR crowd," said Bill Klaus, vice president of Media-Com, which owns WJMP, WNIR FM/100.1 (America's monophonic, FM-talk wonder) and two TV stations. "There's an audience out there looking for a different viewpoint."

Liberal talk is a minor radio trend. Last month, Clear Channel-owned WTAM AM/1100 dumped Glenn Beck in favor of Springer in its 9-11:30 morning slot. On WJMP, which can broadcast only from sunrise to sunset, Springer will be on from 9 a.m. to noon, followed by Franken from noon to 3 p.m. and Rhodes from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Chicago liberal talker rumors heat up

The RadioInfo message board is buzzing about 850 AM, which is supposedly changing its call letters from WAIT to WCPT. Could WCPT stand for "We're Chicago's Progressive Talk"? The station has long been rumored to be flipping to the format, and those rumors persist. 850 AM is a daytime-only station, so it goes off the air at sunset.

Stay tuned, and click the headline link for more discussion on this.

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