Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chattanooga, TN gets liberal talk

WDOD-AM plans to switch on Monday to from adult standards music to a "progressive talk format," officials said Thursday.

AM 1310 “The Voice” will target listeners who hold moderate to liberal political view points, and will be billed as “Modern Talk for Modern Times.”


The new WDOD-AM programming line-up includes:

AM 1310 “The Voice” WDOD-AM

7AM-8AM Bill Press Show
8AM-9AM Chattanooga’s Street Talk
9AM-12PM The Stephanie Miller Show
12PM-3PM Al Franken
3PM-7PM Randi Rhodes
7PM-10PM Majority Report with Janeane Garofalo
10PM-1AM Mike Malloy


Anonymous said...

Considering that across the state in Memphis, WWTQ has dropped out of the ratings, it's a strange move. Chattanooga is more conservative than Memphis. The first question asked of a new acquaintance is "What church do you go to?" Randi Rhodes, G-Lo and company will go over in C-Town
like a 21-year-old's first swig of
Jagermeister. (Assuming they wait until 21 for that.) Wait till the AAR hosts find out Chattanooga ran the last abortion clinic out of town ten years ago! Of course, there will be the obligatory jokes about nearby Dayton (TN) and evolution. This should put enough of a bad taste in Chattanoogan's mouths to force AAR off the air in weeks if not days.

ltr said...

So, is everyone in Chattanooga like you generalize?

Since not everyone likes country music, for example, why do broadcasters program the format? Or since not everyone likes rap, why are there stations that play it?

Apply that logic to any format. There are people out there anywhere that listen to something. I know you people like to paint everything with a broad brush, but reality is not like that.

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