Thursday, September 08, 2005

AAR branches out, signs Hartmann

AIR AMERICA RADIO is launching a new syndication division to offer shows separate from the network's regular offerings to both Progressive Talk and other talk/music formats. The new AIR AMERICA SYNDICATION's first offering will be KPOJ-A/PORTLAND's THOM HARTMANN's national show, which will be sent out live Noon-3p (ET) weekdays (and will be aired SUNDAY middays on WLIB-A/NEW YORK). JONES MEDIAAMERICA is handling sales for the new venture.

AIR AMERICA RADIO President GARY KRANTZ said, "THOM HARTMANN has shown enormous success in many markets around the country, from SEATTLE to PITTSBURGH. "We are thrilled to have THOM be a part of AIR AMERICA's unmatched line-up of talent and are looking forward to helping him grow in affiliations, audience, revenue, and most importantly, as an important progressive voice in the media landscape."


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