Monday, February 22, 2010

Shakeup at Green 960: PD Scott exits

According to All Access, there are several upper-office changes at the Clear Channel San Francisco cluster. Most notable to readers here is the departure of longtime KKGN program director John Scott.

Scott also oversees conservative talk sister KNEW.

Also gone from the building is Stacy Cunningham, PD of hip-hop formatted KMEL.

Other personnel in the building will assume programming tasks. Ricci Filiar, assistant program director/music director for urban adult KISQ, will oversee the two talk stations.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

"Clout" comes back

According to AllAccess, "Hollywood Clout! with Richard Greene" has been resurrected and will continue via independent syndication. The show will air weeknights 9-10ET.

WCPT Chicago is the first station to pick up the show.

The show left the airwaves following the demise of syndicator Air America last month, and is one of several from the network to live on. "Ring Of Fire" moved to Westwood One and Nicole Sandler is offering her show via webcast and independent syndication.

"Hollywood Clout!" does not have its own website thus far, but can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Air America bankruptcy filing discloses creditors

For those still curious about the finances of Air America, its Chapter 7 liquidation petition, filed with a federal bankruptcy court in Manhattan yesterday, shows a few creditors and almost $16 million owed.

The company listed assets of $1,549,910 and liabilities of $17,357,302. Air America was current on their taxes, so no government liens were claimed. There are, however, two secured claims - a loan and a security deposit - that total almost $800K.

The largest claim is a promissory note for $15.8 million owed to Air America chairman Charlie Kierker, the head of Pendulum Media, which bought a controlling interest in Air America Media about a year ago. He will likely not get that.

Other creditors include Air America’s landlord, radio stations KTLK Los Angeles and WWRL New York, Westwood One, Arbitron, a few media brokers and others, in addition to various other bills. The New York fire department is owed $1,050, likely for a bedbug infestation at the company's studios late last year.

Several hosts are still owed money. Ana Marie Cox is owed $1,169 for expenses. Ron Reagan's production company is owed $6,350. Rachel Maddow is owed $3,951, a figure that the New York Times estimates is one-third of her monthly salary of $5,833, which amounts to a yearly salary of $70,000. Now, right-wing pundits are making hay about her paycheck, which is essentially for a rebroadcast of her MSNBC show. But considering that the radio replay was still syndicated across the country and aired in many large markets, the figure certainly sounds fair. Besides, Maddow's replay was perhaps Air America's most widely-syndicated weekday offering at the time of the network's demise.

Obviously, these supposed pro-business advocates need to brush up on their knowledge and find more credible things to whine about.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

KPTR moves to the right

In a California desert radio dial shakeup, Palm Springs progressive talker KPTR is set to move to the right. Physically, anyway.

Starting tomorrow, KPTR and it's format will move from 1340AM to 1450AM. The new frequency is home to KGAM, a conservative talker that airs the likes of G. Gordon Liddy and Michael Savage. That station will be no more.

The reason for the change is the sale and move of one of R & R Radio Corporation's FM stations, the soon-to-be former oldies outlet KDES (104.7FM). With that sale, expected to close today, the frequency will move into the Riverside/San Bernadino market, and as a result, KDES and its oldies format will move to 98.5FM (currently KWXY). KWXY's easy listening format will move to 1340AM, prompting the move of KPTR to 1450AM.

Got all that?

KGAM currently carries Los Angeles Angels baseball, and that will remain on KPTR.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More station shuffling

A few updates on what stations are doing post-Air America...

  • Yesterday, I reported that Norman Goldman gained eight new affiliates, seeking a live show for evenings. Now it appears that Premiere's Randi Rhodes has picked up two three, KPTR Palm Springs (3-6P) and KVOT Taos, NM (4-7P). And KPTK Seattle has just picked up Rhodes for the slot vacated by Ron Reagan. Her show starts airing there next Monday.

  • One of the stations Goldman has picked up is KABQ Albuquerque. The station also adds Mike Malloy live for nights.

  • KTLK Los Angeles has, for some reason, added four hours of consumer finance guru Clark Howard in afternoon drive (3-7P).

  • WDTW Detroit is alive and well, and has added Alan Colmes for nights, WOR's syndicated Joey Reynolds for overnights and a Bill Press rerun for early evenings.

  • Air America refugee Jack Rice is filling in during the old Montel Williams slot (3-6P) on WWRL New York all week. Still no word on what they're doing to fill in other timeslots vacated by Air America.

  • State Of Belief, which had aired weekends on Air America, will continue, mostly as a podcast but will be available to any station wanting it (WXXM Madison is airing it, along with another Air America refugee, Free Thought Radio).

  • KCCT Corpus Christi dropped Air America several years ago, but has dabbled in liberal talk since then. Reportedly, they even ran Thom Hartmann's show, along with various local hosts. That will all change, as the station is currently stunting in preparation for their new format - something called "True Conservative Radio." Essentially, it will be low-tier conservotalkers during the week, and classic country and NASCAR broadcasts on the weekends.

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