Monday, February 01, 2010

KPTR moves to the right

In a California desert radio dial shakeup, Palm Springs progressive talker KPTR is set to move to the right. Physically, anyway.

Starting tomorrow, KPTR and it's format will move from 1340AM to 1450AM. The new frequency is home to KGAM, a conservative talker that airs the likes of G. Gordon Liddy and Michael Savage. That station will be no more.

The reason for the change is the sale and move of one of R & R Radio Corporation's FM stations, the soon-to-be former oldies outlet KDES (104.7FM). With that sale, expected to close today, the frequency will move into the Riverside/San Bernadino market, and as a result, KDES and its oldies format will move to 98.5FM (currently KWXY). KWXY's easy listening format will move to 1340AM, prompting the move of KPTR to 1450AM.

Got all that?

KGAM currently carries Los Angeles Angels baseball, and that will remain on KPTR.

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Unknown said...

Just curious. Which frequency has the better signal?

ltr said...

There's roughly a 40 watt difference (1340 has 1000 watts, 1450 has 960). The further you go up the dial, the more wattage is needed to be comparable (which is why signals at the lower end of the dial cover such a larger area). The coverage area is slightly reduced for 1450, and the proximity of neighboring stations on the dial also comes into play.

All in all, probably not a major amount of difference. KWXY was originally on 1340 and was there for many years (before KPTR). The FM sister station's easy listening format got great ratings (though in lower-demand older demographics), so it makes sense to at least move it to AM. KGAM's conservotalk format got no ratings (at least KPTR shows up). It was expendable.

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