Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More station shuffling

A few updates on what stations are doing post-Air America...

  • Yesterday, I reported that Norman Goldman gained eight new affiliates, seeking a live show for evenings. Now it appears that Premiere's Randi Rhodes has picked up two three, KPTR Palm Springs (3-6P) and KVOT Taos, NM (4-7P). And KPTK Seattle has just picked up Rhodes for the slot vacated by Ron Reagan. Her show starts airing there next Monday.

  • One of the stations Goldman has picked up is KABQ Albuquerque. The station also adds Mike Malloy live for nights.

  • KTLK Los Angeles has, for some reason, added four hours of consumer finance guru Clark Howard in afternoon drive (3-7P).

  • WDTW Detroit is alive and well, and has added Alan Colmes for nights, WOR's syndicated Joey Reynolds for overnights and a Bill Press rerun for early evenings.

  • Air America refugee Jack Rice is filling in during the old Montel Williams slot (3-6P) on WWRL New York all week. Still no word on what they're doing to fill in other timeslots vacated by Air America.

  • State Of Belief, which had aired weekends on Air America, will continue, mostly as a podcast but will be available to any station wanting it (WXXM Madison is airing it, along with another Air America refugee, Free Thought Radio).

  • KCCT Corpus Christi dropped Air America several years ago, but has dabbled in liberal talk since then. Reportedly, they even ran Thom Hartmann's show, along with various local hosts. That will all change, as the station is currently stunting in preparation for their new format - something called "True Conservative Radio." Essentially, it will be low-tier conservotalkers during the week, and classic country and NASCAR broadcasts on the weekends.

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    Jill said...

    WWRL could do worse than to leave Jack Rice on from 3-6 and Mark Riley on from 6-8. Rice is light-years better than Montel Williams.

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