Monday, October 18, 2004

Summer Ratings: WLIB slowly on the rise

In New York, Air America affiliate WLIB rose slightly in the summer Arbitron ratings (ages 12+). Not a significant jump, but the station does show up in three other neighboring markets. In the Long Island market (#18), the station clears a whole share, doubling its spring rating. The station shows up for the first time ever in the Middlesex-Somerset-Union, NJ (#36) market, though not very high, and in Westchester (#60), the station is doing very well, climbing and almost tied with talker WOR. All in all, not a bad book for the NYC area. Ratings are on the rise.

Ratings books were also released for Los Angeles and Chicago. Unfortunately, there are currently no commercial liberal talkers. Yet.

Keep in mind that due to Arbitron restrictions, I am not able to give out exact numbers. They tend to be serious about this. There are resources on the web that you may refer to, such as Radio and Records and All Access. You can find the links for these sites on this page on the right column.

Also keep in mind that the ratings are overall, meaning ages 12 and up. Arbitron usually doesn't give out demographic breakdowns by age and sex, so they're a bit harder to come by. These are the important ratings. But given that the ratings are up overall should be a good indicator for WLIB. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the demographics look pretty decent. If I come across that information, I'll pass it along.

Tomorrow, look for ratings books from Philadelphia, Boston, and San Diego, among other places.


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