Thursday, October 28, 2004

Air America Station Knocked Off Air 'by Conservatives'

An amusing story from New Mexico where KABQ 1350 was knocked off the air and the regularly scheduled Air America was substituted with conservative talk! "It seems in this election year, everything is politicized. A transmitter power outage for radio station KABQ 1350 AM had some listeners worried. The station was off the air for 20 to 30 minutes Thursday morning. When KABQ is off the air, 1310 AM -- which carries conservative talk radio -- will bleed over. The outage caused listeners to call Action 7 News, saying the Republicans knocked the station off the air." Can you imagine the feeling of betrayal those listeners must've felt?

LTR Note: I wouldn't worry about Republicans sabotaging the station with right-wing programming. Quite often in radio, when a station is knocked off the air accidentally, often due to transmitter problems, there will be bleed-through from another station. This can happen especially with AM, but usually a station on the same frequency from hundreds of miles away may come in. 1310 came through likely because of the location of their transmitter. Albuquerque AAR fans can relax - this is not unusual in radio, and is often repaired quickly.


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