Friday, October 15, 2004

Newspaper Roundup

What the old media is saying about liberal radio and Air America:

Al Franken responds to Bill O'Reilly's sex scandal
New York Daily News - 10/15

TV during the campaign: Occupied by politics, but also embroiled in it San Jose Mercury News - 10/14

Michael Moore wins The Pit, but the pendulum swings to Bush Albuquerque Tribune - 10/14

The Revolution Starts Now (Profile of Steve Earl) Mother Jones - 10/14

Air America now at 950 AM St. Paul Pioneer Press - 10/13

Bush Reveals Secret Debate Strategy To: "Keep My Foot On John Kerry's Throat" DNC Press Release - 10/13

US elections: media giants tread carefully Belfast Telegraph - 10/11

Conservative radio talk thrives in region Norwich Bulletin - 10/11

Pop culture puts spin on politics Lowell Sun - 10/09


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