Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ratings Roundup: Denver, Minneapolis

KKZN/Denver doubles it's overall rating. Nothing phenomenal, as it's still just under a full share. But only a few weeks of it's new liberal talk are included in this book (format changed August 30). It's still the highest the station has been in over a year. Future books and monthly trends will tell a different story. Stay tuned.

In Minneapolis, it's the first and last book for KSMM/WMIN, as the "Straight Talk Radio" format has moved off the suburban rimshot simulcast onto it's own centrally located 24-hour signal at 950AM. 1530 and 740 log in just under a full share, the first showing ever in the ratings for these two stations. Keep in mind, 740 goes off the air at sunset, and 1530 reduces coverage to just a few square miles in the west suburbs at that time. The next book will undoubtedly be higher.

Again, you can go to the usual trade industry sites (like Radio and Records) for exact overall numbers, which I'm not allowed to publish here. If I hear of demographic breakdowns, I'll let you know. Keep in mind, demographic and daypart results tend to be higher.

Tomorrow, look for ratings reports from Atlanta, Miami, and Columbus, among other places.


Anonymous said...

CobaltNova here,

How do you think Phil Hendrie influenced the ratings in Denver? He is on during their drive time, has the biggest national audience of the hosts there, and is not part of Air America. Is he a factor or no?

ltr said...

At this point, who knows?

There's only two or three weeks of this station in the ratings, so I don't think anything is known.

I do know that CC's progressive talker in Madison pulled Hendrie off after many requests to put Mike Malloy on instead. They gave in, and Malloy replaced Hendrie. Seems Hendrie didn't go over well.

As for Denver, who knows?

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