Sunday, October 17, 2004

Ex-WHJJ talker John DePetro doesn't like his replacement

The death of 920 WHJJ

Posted 10/16/04 The Independent man leaves and the places goes to hell in a hand basket. Air America comes into Providence and kills a once great radio station. Who would put Jeff Charles on a talk station? Charles is a loser who can't survive without playing music. Nobody tunes into HJY to hear that pothead in the afternoon. WPRO becomes the only real talk station in Providence. One of the Independent Man's favorite people just got released from prison. Joe Pannone is one of the all-time great characters of Providence. A true original. Welcome home Joe! Listen as the Independent Man takes off in the Boston radio market. In Rhode Island, listen weekdays to 680 WRKO the Independent Man from 9-12noon.


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