Saturday, October 30, 2004

From the "Is this how rumors get started?" department

Supposedly, TWO CC stations are stunting in Salt Lake City: 105.7 and 99.5.

From :

CLEAR CHANNEL Alternative KCPX (CHANNEL 105.7)/SALT LAKE CITY is in stunt-mode through ELECTION DAY as "ALL DEBATE, ALL THE TIME," according to today's (10/29) DESERT NEWS. KCPX is airing a loop of three presidential debates. On NOVEMBER 2nd, KCPX will start reporting local and national election results.

ALL ACCESS hears the format wheel will spin at KCPX late in the day on TUESDAY to an Adult format. Will sister Classic Rock KURR (ROCK 99) also be making a change? Stay tuned for more details.

According to a
Utah message board, 105.7 is stunting with political stuff and 99.5 is playing U2 songs. There is this site, which may get some people wondering:

And no, I highly doubt Air America will find it's way on either station. Granted, I think AAR could make it, even in a conservative hotbed like Utah. But if it appears there, it will be on an AM signal, as I figure that businesses there may be lukewarm to support it on a big signal. A weak AM with nothing to lose could stay afloat with it. And keep in mind, Clear Channel recently flipped their underperforming AM, KALL (700) to sports. As for what formats will wind up on those two stations, it looks like 99.5 could be an older-skewing alternative station and 105.7 could go Spanish or Triple A (like KBCO in Denver)

If one of them flips to AAR, I'll eat my keyboard. But at least there's a place for Salt Lake City political junkies to keep up with election day news and information.

Isn't it fun to spread rumors?


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