Thursday, October 14, 2004

Editorial: Liberal talk radio

Liberal talk radio has come to eastern Massachusetts - just in time to add its volume to what is shaping up as the loudest presidential campaign in history.

Air America, the network that debuted in March calling itself the progressive alternative to a medium long dominated by conservatives, was slow to find an outlet here in what should be fertile ground for its liberal message. It has now found its voice on AM 1200, Framingham's WKOX, and AM 1430, WXKS in Medford.


Politics is infecting all media in this most political year. Campaign talk dominates cable TV and political documentaries have now invaded the local cineplex. Rock stars are turning concert tours into campaign rallies. The Internet is awash with political news, views and rumors.

At a political moment, in a market as politically savvy as greater Boston, there should be enough ears for several distinct political radio voices. Radio has been a niche medium for years, and we see no reason why the flavors of political talk shouldn't multiply just as popular music has fragmented into dozens of formats. As long as there are buttons on the dial to hit when the host says something truly obnoxious, all voices are welcome.


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