Friday, October 29, 2004

Ratings Roundup: Madison, Albuquerque

Madison's two progressive talkers make a fairly decent showing in the Summer ratings. WXXM (92.1), the only FM signal carrying Air America programming, moves up a couple notches, from 1.7 for the previous adult contemporary format to a 1.9. Whether this is related to the new talk format remains to be seen, since the switch happened only a few weeks prior to the end of the Summer ratings period. There is no relative ratings spike or drop here, unlike San Diego or Sacramento. Meanwhile, on the AM side, WTDY comes in a point below, at 1.8, up one notch. They refocused in more of a left-leaning approach around the time of 92.1's switch, so any ratings success remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

In Albuquerque, KABQ makes a showing in the ratings for the first time in a while, splashing with a 0.4 rating. KABQ picked up the format on August 30, so we have to wait and see as far as any real ratings success here.


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