Monday, October 18, 2004

INdTV: The next news channel revolution?

Found this via DU.

Yes, this is Al Gore's new network, the one that's slated to replace the great
NewsWorld International. When I first heard about Gore's intention of creating a news channel for 18-34 year olds, I rolled my eyes. I thought, 'oh great, yet another news channel devoted to celebrity gossip and reality shows'. Not a very compelling reason to blow up a decent, if underwatched news network. But this one look different. The station may be geared toward younger people, but it looks to be a real 'reality' news channel with programming by young people, dealing with issues concerning young people. Kinda like MTV News in the early 90's, when they actually cared about that stuff instead of that Jessica Simpson/Real World crap.

Tough to explain what the hell this whole thing is all about, but it does sound better than it initially did. They state that it's not going to be about celebrity trials and screaming middle-aged pundits. Check out the link in the headline, and see for yourself.

Here's a little more about it, from their FAQ:

What is INdTV?

INdTV is a new independent media company founded by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt to develop an innovative television network with and for young adults.

Is this a political channel?


How is Al Gore involved in INdTV?

Al Gore serves as Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, and he is actively involved in driving the strategy and managing the business.

What kind of programming will INdTV feature?

Compelling, real-life stories created by and for young adults.

What kind of programming will DCs be producing?

A broad spectrum of programs from magazine to documentaries to reality to comedy and satire.

Some more info about it:

Looking inside INdTV
Ron Russell, SF Weekly, 7-28-2004
Brendan Bernhard, LA Weekly, 5-21-2004


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