Monday, December 11, 2006

FOX News looking to try something different: Facts

Okay, I thought the Bill vs. Steph article from Steve Young at HuffPo was pretty funny, but this one pushes the bar up even further. I assume that since the FOX 'News' Channel is the only cable news outlet to see its ratings decline over the past year, as its viewers either die of old age or are just plain coming to their senses, they obviously are looking to try something different - namely reporting actual facts. Or perhaps just 'writing' them.

The so-called 'fair and balanced' network posted an ad at Media Bistro, looking for an actual 'fact writer', obviously to balance the fiction writers they currently employ. Don't worry, faithful FAUX viewers, as this appears to be a freelance position. What? No full-time fact 'writers'? Baby steps people, baby steps.

Job Location: New York, NY USA
Job Requirements: Freelance Fact Writer

New York


FOX 'News' Channel, a fast-paced 24-hour television news operation in New York City, is seeking a Freelance Fact Writer for its information center.

Responsibilities include writing on-air facts and press conference quotes for daytime programming. Individuals must have strong writing skills, be able to handle multiple assignments and deadlines, and work well in a team atmosphere. Excellent communication and writing skills are also required.

A successful candidate will:

* Possess a strong interest in news and be well-informed about current events
* Be detail oriented and pay close attention to spelling, grammar, syntax
* Have ability to write in a concise, conversational and colorful style at an extremely fast pace

Must be willing to work on a flexible schedule including weekend shifts.

This is a high-pressure position where your work product gets national exposure on a daily basis.

A bachelor's degree is required.

Fox 'News' Channel is an EOE.

Interested applicants please send resumes to:

Fox 'News' Channel
Human Resources
2nd floor
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

Fax: 212-301-8588


Notice that they're looking not for a "Fact Finder", nor a "Fact Checker." They're seeking a "Fact Writer." Gee, how does that work? What exactly is entailed in "writing on-air facts?" Does that mean the facts are only facts when presented on the television? Also, apparently one only needs a bachelor's degree to write the facts - I guess Roger Ailes meant it when he said he didn't have much use for people with master's degrees in journalism. Maybe 'fact writing' is what FOX 'News' Channel has in mind for their new Daily Show knock-off. Or perhaps to jazz up stuff like this. Or maybe FOX just needs someone to make sure the bad guys get 'properly identified'.

Remember, we here at LTR report, you decide.


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