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Shelby LaPre, founder and owner of, announced today that they will fold the online streaming service. The end will come January 7, 2007, just two days after the five year anniversary of the service.

"We have been struggling topay our bills for a while but it meant something to me to reach this milestonebefore we make as graceful an exit as possible. Now, alas, we've run out of resources to operate on, so the time has come," LaPre said on a message posted on the organization's website.

"These were some of the best years of my creative life. Every day brought some new challenge and reward. Thenetwork was growing at a rate of 20% per month! and seemed as thoughit would never end. Then came, Air America.

"RadioPower was more than just another network, it was born of my vision that someday people could communicate without any assistance or influence fromgovernments or corporations. We managed to operate for 5 years from listener donations, reaching on average between 2.5 and 3 million listeners per month with our music and talk radio streams. Many of our listeners experienced music and points of view that they had never experienced before. I know this because many of our extended family have taken the time to send us an email and thank us for the experience. This of course in turn supported the artist's exposure and contributed to making more people aware of their talents. As an artist this is my personal satisfaction, to know that we did in fact help spread new and different voices, views, ideas, and genuine expressions.

"Perhaps we were slightly ahead of our time."

In addition to syndicated progressive talk from the likes of Thom Hartmann, The Young Turks, Jeff Alan Wolf and Peter Werbe, Radiopower also programmed three music streams, dedicated to electronica, blues and punk rock.

You can read more of LaPre's farewell statement, in addition to ruminations on the future of webcasting, problems with corporate control of our society, and the trials and tribulations of running four webcast streams at or at OpEd News.


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