Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Air America's day in court

Perhaps tomorrow will be the day that we find out more about the fate of Air America Radio. Or, it could just be some court paper shuffling. We shall see.

The court hearing for Air America's next move in their bankruptcy proceedings has been moved up to Thursday at 10AM ET. The matter was listed earlier this week on the court calendar for Friday but now appears that the matter will be moved up one day.

Included in the matters to be heard are objections to motions in the case and a Motion for Relief From Stay filed by AAR flagship WWRL/New York licensee Access.1 Communications. This seems to be a routine move for bankruptcy creditors.
The All Access article does not mention whether an announcement of a buyer will be made, or when.


raccoonradio said...

Meanwhile RadioEqualizer blog reports a group led by Doug Kreeger may be buying AAR, with three weeks to finalize the deal

Anonymous said...

What's the deal?
It's Friday evening. They were supposed to go to court Thursday morning.
If they got another delay, that would be in the court record, wouldn't it?
No announcement. No news. Just a Maloney rumor.

ltr said...

Well, legal proceedings have never been known for being quick. Sometimes these things drag on for years.

Actually, I'm surprised things have moved this quickly.

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