Wednesday, December 13, 2006

UPDATE: Malloy's joining Sirius Left

Good news for truthseekers, as it looks like the rumors I posted yesterday were correct.

Nova M host Mike Malloy announced on Alex Bennett's show this morning that he will be joining the Sirius Left roster starting next Monday December 18, live 9-Midnight ET.

In addition, KSAC in Sacramento picks up the show, as does KPTK in Seattle, albeit on a delay, from 11PM-2AM. Other stations have yet to be announced, though Miami's WINZ has claimed on their website that they will add the show as soon as they are able to:

11/27/06 UPDATE! It's going to happen. We just need to be patient. Latest word from the Drobny's and Dr. Newcomb is they are still a couple of weeks away from being able to distribute the program via satellite. The channel is set - it's just a matter of getting the show to the satellite. This would enable the show to be distributed to interested stations like AM940! At this point, we hate to pinpoint an exact date, but we're hoping for mid-December. We know this isn't the news Truth-seekers have been waiting for, but it's posiitve proof everyone is working hard to bring Mike Malloy back to South Florida radio. As Anita Drobny said "The world needs Mike Malloy." We're trying! Thanks for your patience.
This will be a third go-round for Malloy at Sirius. Sirius Left originally carried his show when they started, obtaining the majority of their programming from the now-defunct I.E. America Radio Network. Following that network's demise, Malloy, unable to self-syndicate or distribute his own show, sat in the wings until Air America Radio picked him up for nights in the fall of 2004. At the time, they were carried as a seperate channel by Sirius, until the network signed an exclusive deal with XM Radio. Now Malloy has come full-circle as he is back on Sirius Left.

To make room for Malloy, Stephanie Miller's delayed show will move up a few hours, airing from 6-9PM ET. The replay of Bill Press' morning show, which aired in the 6-9 ETslot following the departure of The Young Turks to Air America, will cease, though Press' show still airs live in the 6-9AM ET morning drive slot. A replay of Lynn Samuels' show will also air from 3-5AM ET early mornings.


raccoonradio said...

A web exclusive article in Newsweek says that among the reasons AAR has tanked is
the loss of popular shows like Morning Sedition and Malloy (angering their listeners)...among several other reasons. The magazine
says there may be a white knight out there who can bring the network out of its slide, though.

Newsweek article

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