Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Top 10 rejected LTR tie-ins of 2006

This very blog that you're currently reading got it's start on October 12, 2004. During that time, it's seen a few changes along the way, evolving like many other entities do. The year 2006 saw a huge spike in readership, growing at least sevenfold since last January, when I had nearly blown the whole thing off due to other outside committments.

Since then, I've looked into other ways of branching out from just this lil' ol' blog thingie. One spur-of-the-moment idea took hold, with LTR's own YouTube group (which will likely be reconfigured in the coming months). Aside from that are a few ideas that were shelved or just didn't make sense in the whole scheme of things. As we all look back on 2006, here they are:

1. LTR @ MySpace

I know, I know, Rupert Murdoch's gotten his grubby little hands on it, and he's using it to spy on people. Now, I'm not much of a believer of conspiracy theories, so I highly doubt that. Murdoch only really cares about money and power, and money will buy him all the power he needs anyway. I really don't think he gives a shit what song you put on your MySpace profile or what obscure garage bands are asking to be your friend.

So yes, I thought about doing a MySpace thingy to promote the site, but I felt it was redundant. Keeping up with this thing on Blogger is enough work, and I didn't see the value of the whole MySpace thing. Plus, I think MySpace is kind of obnoxious anyway. I see it as the 'Seinfeld of web sites' - basically, it's a site about nothing. Plus the thing is ridden with too much spam and adware.

2. The LTR Podcast

I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea, but the thought of me talking about the stuff on this blog will likely not create visions of excitement. Then again, Al Gore did make over $100 million with a powerpoint presentation about global warming, so anything could happen, right?

3. The LTR message board

This actually does exist, going back to the early days of LTR, though I no longer link to it or even pay any attention to it. I've run enough outside message boards, relating to sports, radio broadcasting and other little things that I was interested in at one time or another. I also felt that this board would be a good replacement for the comment function here, which for a time was overrun by spammers selling various crap. Unfortunately, the board itself was overrun by spammers, trolls and some asshole named AZ Joe, who gets his jollies by threatening physical harm to liberal-minded folks, and by using cute terms such as 'traitor', 'commie' and some rather vulgar insults that I would rather not repeat here. I got him back by getting several of his email accounts shut down and getting his ISP to drop his sorry punk ass. Nevertheless, the LTR board is out there. Floating in cyberspace. Somewhere.

4. "LTR for Kids"

Okay, it sounded like a cute idea. Lots of big graphics, simple text, maybe even a puzzle or two. Then I worried about all the lurking wingnuts here, and with the whole Mark Foley thing happening, I felt it would be an idea best shelved. But the banner I threw together sure looks cute.

5. "LTR: The Musical"

It was all set up. Then Andrew Lloyd Weber had to back out. I don't like his stuff anyway, and the songs he wrote for it were total shit. I tried to adapt the concept to another use, but Disney never returned my call regarding "LTR On Ice". Maybe I need bigger stars...

6. My own radio station: WLTR

Until I win the lottery or millions of dollars start falling from the sky, this sure as hell ain't gonna happen.

7. The LTR Holiday Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Found some land in North Las Vegas for it, but anyone who knows anything about North Las Vegas knows that it is perhaps the worst place in the world to build a casino. Sure would have been cool to get Miss Nevada USA, Katie Rees, involved. We hear that she's quite the party animal. The casino idea is permanently shelved, but we're still investigating the whole, ahem, Katie Rees affair.

8. LTR Swag

Sure, the idea of t-shirts, hats, thong underwear, beach towels and coffee mugs emblazoned with the logo of your favorite blog sounds like a nifty idea, but really, who would buy that shit anyway? Besides, the snowglobes weren't up to par. Cafe Press' inability to make an LTR 70's era bitchen' brass belt buckle was a dealbreaker of sorts. And the difficulty in procuring enough 8-track tapes of "Foghat's Greatest Hits" as a free throw-in effectively killed the idea. Did I mention that the LTR rolling papers were a logistical nightmare?

9. LTRfestockapalooza

Kinda like Woodstock, Lolapalooza, or Ozzfest but rejected because I don't like muddy fields.

10. A blog devoted to pimping crap on Amazon.

Oops, sorry - wrong blog.

That's all for now. Keep checking back for more year-end lists, including the Top 10 talkers of 2006, which should hit by New Year's Day. And thanks to readers who sent in their own lists, in case I haven't had the chance to reply to your emails. You can send in your own lists here.


Anonymous said...

There is an LTR podcast - or at least the next best thing.
Go to and get ReplayAV8, a product described as TiVo for Internet audio ($49.95).
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Anything you can listen to, you can record.
They also include a media player which allows speed-up listening without the chipmunk effect and the ability to skip through commercial breaks (or dull segments).
I recommend it highly. And I keep my mp3 player half full. ;)

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