Saturday, December 23, 2006

Those "Changes" to WTPG/Columbus are a format change

Columbus' liberal talker will soon take a sharp turn to the right.

Starting in January, Clear Channel-owned WTPG in Columbus will drop its progressive talk format and pick up shows from the likes of Laura Ingraham and Michael ("Liberalism is a mental disorder") Savage. Because Columbus obviously doesn't have enough right-wing talk, dammit!

In addition, WTPG will become WYTS ("Your Talk Station), and also add sports talker Jim Rome, consumer-oriented host Dave Ramsey and the morning show of Quinn and Rose, piped in from Pittsburgh. Stephanie Miller and the programming of Air America Radio will be gone. Ed Schultz's show left the station's schedule a couple weeks ago.

The rumors started last week. WTPG in Columbus, OH Last week, the station's owner, Clear Channel Communications, put up banners on the websites of both that station and it's sister, WTVN, which airs mostly conservative talk. Both banners proclaimed that "Changes are Coming".

Evidently, station personnel were prowling the blogosphere to see what was being said about them. Both MLM Liberal and myself noticed Clear Channel ISP's in our userlogs. Not long after, the banners came down off both sites. Well, now the banners are back up, and it looks like changes are indeed coming to WTPG. And these changes will likely not go over well with current listeners. Obviously, adding the likes of Ingraham and Savage will likely be seen as a total slap in the face of many Columbus listeners.

So don't say Clear Channel never gave you anything for Christmas.


raccoonradio said...

These rumors are confirmed by
Ohio Media Watch

ltr said...

Guess you didn't read the whole article. I already had a link to OMW.

You've been hanging around Freeperville too much.

raccoonradio said...

ah ok! I'm just coming off working my 20th Christmas for the post office...and the brain doesn't quite always work at 4 am, after all that sorting!

QEd said...

The listeners who use the AM 1230 message board have been told two things prior to the announcement:

1. Get your Stephcast.
2. Bookmark the Radio Free Ohio live stream.

Keep up the good work.

QEd said...

To update you...

Yours truly (an AM 1230 ex-advertiser) is joining forces with two other big fans of Stephanie Miller, Tommy aka "Buddy" and Dave from Gahanna. Let's just say we're in the process of creating a big stink that can't be conveyed by any fart jokes on Stephanie's show.

More updates on the way.

Anonymous said...

What The Radio Tranquilizer (a.k.a. Brian Bullshit Baloney Maloney) did not bother to report:

1. The Pig Man, and Whinner lose lots of listeners in BOSTON (and Brian Bullshit Baloney Maloney is from BOSTON):

Now, racoonradio did report this, but on the Freeper site, what an ass:

2. Whinner GONE from Sparta, WI, along with Whora Fagraham, The Nazi Doctor on the radio, Bill O'Liely, and other Conservative Talk show hosts:

Schedule Here:

Both Brian Bullshit Baloney Maloney, and raccoonradio failed to report on this!!!

NOT exclusive to this site.


Wide Awakes Radio ( ) a internet-only conservative Talk Radio Station, has lost over 80% of their listenership, from 600 to only less than about 40, OR LESS!!!

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