Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A little of this, a little of that

There aren't any really big stories to report, so this article will cover a bunch of little ones.

First up, Aldous Tyler checks in with the latest on WXXM in Madison (92.1 The Mic):

Here we go...We have a final push this week.The Petition to save The Mic 92.1 has almost 5000 signatures. It has only been up a month. That is incredible!! In fact, 5000 signatures was the original goal set for it, but with one more week until it will be presented, the goal has been raised.Help us meet it.We need just over 2000 more signatures to hit the new goal of 7000. This will then be presented at the rally at the High Noon Saloon, at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, December 12th.I know this can be done. There will be no way that the demand for local Progressive Talk can be denied once we complete this.

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/720087508 has the petition. I'm #14, and I recognize names both below and above me in order. I am so very proud of each and every one. Now we need to get numbers 5014, 6014 and even 7014... so pass this on to everyone you know who supports local, alternative voices in Madison, or Progressive Talk in general.Oh, and if you miss Lee Rayburn and Jodie Shawback's "The Pro Show" make sure to catch weekly brand-new podcasts being recorded live every Tuesday until Christmas at Escape Coffee (916 Willy Street) from 7:00 am to 9:00 am, or listen to the recorded podcasts on http://mortymadcat.libsyn.com/

Let's go. Spread the word. Get the signatures. Let's show everyone that the airwaves DO belong to the people!

Aldous Tyler,
The Liberal Your Mother Always Warned You About

And listeners to WKBF in the Quad Cities were taken by surprise this morning at 10:47 when, during an airing of The Stephanie Miller Show, the station's signal abruptly went dead, and soon returned with the sounds of holiday Christmas music as "Truth 1270" took to the airwaves. This format flip was expected, since Mercury Broadcasting (Clear Channel operated the station for them, but were required by FCC rules to divest of it) sold the station back in October to a new owner who planned to program a Christian-based format. The station, which initially picked up progressive talk in April 2005 will air the sounds of the season all the way through Christmas. Bill O'Reilly would be so proud!

Vague rumors of the demise of Boston's liberal talk simulcast of WXKS/WKOX have circulated around for the past week or so, but have died down a bit in recent days as "Boston's Progressive Talk" decided to shuffle their schedule a bit, dropping Al Franken's show for Thom Hartmann. Now, they seem to be second-guessing, as they have now asked the listeners' help in determining their mid-afternoon lineup. Since Ed Schultz will begin airing his show live in the 12-3PM ET slot starting next week, the station asks its listeners who they should put on. Should they air Schultz live? Go with the recently added Hartmann in the slot, or put on Franken (who they announced last week as being dropped from the station). Decisions, decisions. So take your pick, and vote here.

Jerry Springer, who yesterday announced his departure from radio, did his last live show today, and will air in reruns to finish out the week. Chicago's WCPT will waste no time replacing him, as Stephanie Miller makes her Windy City debut tomorrow. Look for Miller and her sidekick Jim Ward to make heavy use of their mock 'Chicahhhgoh' accents. Springer's other main affiliate, WSAI in Cincinnati, will announce their future plans later this week.

And speaking of left-leaning low-brow TV talk show hosts, remember Richard Bey? Well, the former TV talker has been filling in for Alex Bennett on his Sirius Left show, though Bennett's fans have mixed opinions of him. Look for Alex, whose San Francisco morning radio shows of the 80s and 90s made for some of the funniest moments in the history of broadcasting (yes, it's true!) to return tomorrow.


raccoonradio said...

Is Clear Channel dropping AAR in LA? Donna Halper reported on boston-radio-interest mailing list that CC is planning to put Spanish
on KTLK...

Anonymous said...

An online petition. What a load of KRP! Station management should pay no attention. No way to tell if it's the same people "signing" over and over. No way to tell who is actually local. A really dumb move.

No, Clear Channel is going to go all-flatulence in LA. The station will announce a series of farting contests to select on-air talent. It's only open to amateurs so Raccoon is not allowed to enter.

ltr said...

First, I'm not buying the KTLK thing. Another Spanish-language format will not do well on an AM signal in Los Angeles. Not when there's so many choices already on both AM and FM there. Plus, KTLK does well in some demographic breakdowns (including Stephanie Miller's morning show). No other format will do this well on 1150. What they should do is beef up their local presence. Cary Harrison is a pretty good local host, and he needs to be more prominent on the station (they also need to update his podcasts - those things are over a month old). I could see him being a breakout star in the future.

As for the petition, sure, they do sound a bit ridiculous. But I would certainly not rule out their effectiveness. Although I think it's more important to rally the station's sponsors (which Val Walasek has done), a little strength in numbers certainly can't hurt.

Will people sign twice? Perhaps, but any spreadsheet software could most certainly determine this. And if they could sign multiple times, there most likely would be more than 4700 signatures. As for the whole 'local' thing, keep in mind that the station does have a lot of online listeners, and people who are willing to fight for this format.

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