Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Joe Finan (1927-2006)

Northeast Ohio Radio legend Joe Finan, most recently at WARF in Akron, has passed away at the age of 79.

Finan was a radio legend in Northeast Ohio, with an ample resume consisting of both radio and television since the mid 1950s. Until October, Finan was the midday host at Clear Channel liberal talk WARF "Radio Free Ohio". Prior to that, he had a 20 year stint in afternoon drive at talk WNIR (100.1FM) in neighboring Kent.

Joe was born July 6, 1927. He turned 79 this past summer.

Mr. Finan’s Family is planning a private burial service to be held this weekend. No Public services are planned at this time.


Anonymous said...

Back in 1955 when I was a senior in high school, I was the school DJ, buying my own records. Someone told me about a new DJ in the Cleveland market who accepted visitors and gave out free records. That began my association with Joe Finan. Not only did I get free records, but he also inspired me to go to college and major in radio and speech. In between times, one might say that I became his "go-fer." I had the pleasure of starting his record hops at various schools and halls; and after an hour or so, he would arrive, do his thing, leave, and then let me wrap it up. When he and his family went on vacation, always flying wherever they went, I would have the priviledge of using his brand new Buick convertible, which for me was the cat's meow!
Eventually, I did graduate from Kent State University, worked in radio, got married, started a family, went back to KSU and got certified in secondary education.
At one point, when I had occasion to work as a newscaster for WWWE, now WTAM, I met Joe, coming out of a downtown Cleveland building. That was the last time I saw Joe Finan. I did have occasion to call and talk to him when he worked at the Kent station recently. We were to ge together for dinner at his convenience. He never called back to make the arrangements.
Without a doubt, Joe Finan holds a warm spot in my heart. He will be missed.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, especially Christopher, whom I remember as just a tiny lad so many years ago.
Ron Bakalar

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