Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Steinem and company to launch "Greenstone Media", a network targeting women

Can intelligent, informational, entertaining FM talk radio wean American women away from an underperforming music radio format and from TV's Oprah, the soaps, Dr. Phil and the Springer and Maury freak shows? And in sufficient numbers to provide an audience that makes commercial sense?

A cool new outfit called GreenStone Media, the creation of some high-powered dames and backed by deep-pocketed investors, certainly believes it's possible. And they'll talk about and promote this idea, and unveil their new "mass appeal format for FM radio--for women and by women," when GreenStone officially launches on Tuesday, Sept. 12, at Manhattan's Museum of Television & Radio.

Never heard of GreenStone? With a board of directors including the late media tycoon Walter Annenberg's daughter Wallis and a couple of high-profile lightning rods like Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem, don't fret. You'll be hearing plenty!


And despite Fonda and Steinem, Heather assures me "this is not a left-wing or feminist network." Her thesis: "AM talk radio tends to be highly political, and women don't like that." That surprised me; I thought women were as nutty about politics as the rest of us.

Greenstone is focusing on signing up FM stations, and have affiliates lined up in Jackson, MS, Hartford/New Haven, CT, and Albany, NY. They are also looking into satellite radio as well. And they will allow stations to 'cherry-pick' and air parts of the day's total programming.

Talk radio aimed at women is slowly becoming a formidable format. WFMP in Minneapolis/St. Paul has been on the air for several years now, and is starting to solidify itself in the market. And WLNK in Charlotte, NC is an adult contemporary station that airs a great deal of lifestyle talk programmin aimed at women.

You can find out more at Greenstone Media's web site.


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