Friday, September 22, 2006

The conservative radio chop shop

As much as know-nothings like THEEE Radio Tranquilizer and their ilk like to claim that Air America Radio has no money and they're going bankrupt, or that they steal money from little kids, I notice that they don't peek around in their own backyards.

Case in point is an obscure network called Radio America. Never heard of them? Well, they seem to keep a pretty low profile. Ever hear of Steve Gill? You're not alone. He's the afternoon drive host. How about Michael Reagan? Yep, the guy who's made what loosely passes for a living off his adoptive father's name has his own show. G. Gordon Liddy? Yep, the Watergate felon is there too. And of course, the moderate Doug Stephan.

According to their website, they broadcast via three satellites and have over 400 affiliates. Of course, G. Gordon Liddy is not blasting his trainwreck of a radio show over 400 stations. Much of these affiliates pick up weekend lifestyle programming like Car and Driver Radio, The Money Pit (insert joke here) and Good Parenting. In other words, 'Talk Radio Helper' for the weekends when few are listening. You know, stuff like Ben Ferguson.

But the kicker is that they claim to be a 'non-profit' organization. Well, I guess that's one way to get away from all the financial scrutiny. Write it all off and get tax breaks up the wazoo! Allegedly, they're a division of something called The American Studies Center, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational foundation. Of course, the vaguely-named 'Center' has no web presence except for Radio America.

Radio America is funded by contributions from foundations and individuals and advertising revenue. So if any wingnuts rag on you about Shel Drobny and others seeking private donations for their radio station startups, just show 'em this article.

And... here's the kicker (there always is one, right?). They'll even take your junk car as a donation! Yes, you read that right. They want your piece-of-shit car! In other words, one man's trash allows more trash to be broadcast over the airwaves! They'll even send someone out to pick it up, which I guess explains what Ben Ferguson does during the week.

Old car donation is a common method of donating to non-profits. But most of these non-profits are truly organizations that need it, like ones that help inner city children. By taking in a car donation that could easily go to a much more needy group, are they taking money out of real community organizations to fund their conservotalk venture? And might I say as well that Radio America also sells advertising time on their shows? Who's more deserving here?

I assume the promise of a company car is what lured the likes of Gordo to the confines of Radio America. Unfortunately for him, he didn't realize what they considered to be "a company car". Is Ben the chauffeur as well?

a>Ooops! Time to call Xzibit at MTV. "HELP ME! PIMP MY RIDE!"

They take in boats and yachts as well, so I guess that explains where this hideous picture was taken.

Sorry, the jokes just write themselves today. Enjoy the weekend! And remember, there is still hope for your beater!


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