Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Introducing... The Big List of Live Streaming Shows

Have you ever wondered where and when you can access your favorite talk shows? Are you constantly searching for alternate audio streams when one seems a bit sluggish? Do you prefer one media player over another?

Well, good news! I have finally compiled a list of some of the most popular liberal talk radio shows streaming on that massive series of tubes known as the 'internets'. On this list, you can find the most popular streaming talk shows anywhere, whether they're from Air America Radio, Head-On Radio Network, or even your favorite local radio station.

In addition, you'll notice the cute little icons next to the names of the shows. Simply click on your preferred media player, whether it be Windows Media, RealPlayer or Winamp, and you can enjoy your favorite shows however you want. Simple as that.

I should note that all times listed are Eastern Time, so if you live on the Left Coast (PT), just subtract three hours. For the Mountain Time Zone (MT), subtract two. And Central Time Zone residents can subtract one hour. For Alaska, Hawaii and around the world, you can do the math.

For the most part, I sought out the best sounding streams that I could. For example, the web links for The Stephanie Miller Show are KPTK, KTLK and WXXM, all of which have great sounding streams. I also sought out Winamp/iTunes links that work in most media players. The Air America shows feature the same links, but there are good local affiliates out there with great streams.

I hope this list isn't too confusing, and it is still a work in progress. I'm going through and testing the streams to make sure they're adequate (I may even tough it out and try the RealPlayer links - UGH!). And I'll probably add more shows as well, since I didn't really touch on Pacifica or some of the public radio shows.

This list contains only live programming, except for the overnight shift, where there is none. I may add delayed or best-of programming at a later date, as many stations delay certain shows. And to qualify for this list, the show must be live. I'm working on a Podcast category for good pre-recorded liberal/progressive talk shows, so if you have a decent one, or have a personal favorite, drop me an email (see link at the top of page).

And if you know of any better links for streaming, let me know as well. Enjoy!


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