Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mike Malloy update: 9/26/06

Mike, Molly, and Kathy - the entire Malloy family - have nasty colds right now and are concentrating on getting strong for the upcoming fight against the flying monkey right candidates in November!

As for media news: Mike was recently interviewed by salon.com for an article they're writing about Air America Radio past, present, and future. As is "Creative Loafing" here in Atlanta. We haven't been told the publication dates, but watch for them. Mike had some interesting observations.

We've recently heard drips and drabs of rather distrubing information about our former employer that - among other things - hint to another possible explanation for our shocking and sudden dismissal. We are hesitant to discuss the details until we can confirm them, and until all our financial interests with Air America are resolved. Unless we sell the story to E! "Behind the Scenes" first. If true, the intrigue and backstabbing and spying and double-dealing would make Caligula blush. You can't make this stuff up, Truthseekers.

Meanwhile, to say that we're eager to get back on the air would be the understatement of the century. With Chavez, Armitage, Bush, Powell, Intel reports, Osama et al, Mike is pulling stories faster than Limbaugh can pop little blues on a child porn tour of Micronesia.

Suffice it to say we can't wait to get back behind a mic!

We are still awaiting our next radio opportunity. Trust me, we're as eager as you are to get back on the air. Unfortunately, radio decisions often move at a snail's pace and we just have to wait as patiently as possible. Again, of the three possible radio outlets we've been in contact with, one is still more possible, one less possible, and one still remains unchanged. We do hope to have some actual news to report before the end of the week. We miss you all!

Finally, your email, calls, and petitions on our behalf are so appreciated. It certainly is a big boost to our morale and is noticed by potential radio outlets as well. Thank you thank you thank you so much, we'll be in touch.

Watch your back,



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