Wednesday, September 20, 2006

KXEB sold, "Air America Dallas" to end

Thanks to the Gonzo Muckraker for this.

It appears that "Air America Radio Dallas", KXEB 910 AM, has been sold by the Border Media Partners. The sale was confirmed by the station's Sales Manager, Tony Migura.

"Yes, it is true. The station has been sold," he said. "Call me tomorrow and we'll do a whole press release." He refused to answer any further questions.

This news also was confirmed by several of Air America Dallas' advertisers, including multiple Congressional campaigns. Though referred to as "rumor" by Nancy Cunningham, who manages the Dallas AAR grassroots website, the situation looks grim for progressive talk radio in North Texas.

The buyer is the Guadalupe Radio Network. No word on when the changeover will take place, but sources say it could happen as soon as Oct. 1, 2006. GRN confirms on their website that they will put English-language Catholic-oriented programming on KXEB and similar Spanish language programming on daytime-only KJON. People from GRN will be in the Dallas area Thursday through Sunday to hold open meetings about the stations. Anyone interested in attending can call them at (972)757-2990 to get the lowdown.

There is no word as to what will become of Border Media Partners' other two liberal talk stations - KOKE in Austin and KTXX in San Antonio. GRN is already rolling their format out on KFNI (1380AM) in San Antonio sometime this year. It appears that the only station they're purchasing from BMP is KXEB.

Speaking of Border Media Partners, there is an article in the Austin Chronicle about recent changes at Air America and BMP's commitment to progressive talk programming. You can find it here. No mention is made of any pending sale of any of the three stations that make up "Texas Progressive Radio".


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