Thursday, September 28, 2006

Morning shakeup at "The Quake"


CLEAR CHANNEL Talk KQKE-A (960 THE QUAKE)/SAN FRANCISCO expands its carriage of STEPHANIE MILLER's JONES syndicated show from 6-7a to 6-9a, starting OCTOBER 2, with AIR AMERICA RADIO's AL FRANKEN expanding from 10a-Noon to 9-Noon, replacing the local 7-10a show with former Mayor WILLIE BROWN and comic WILL DURST, who remain on the staff for special appearances.

What it looks like is KQKE is further shaking up its on-air schedule, in an attempt to become more competitive in a very tough market. Miller's show has been a strong performer all over the West Coast, so The Quake hopes that she will bring her magic to them.

The station's current morning show, Will and Willie have had a difficult time matching the success of other similarly-formatted stations. And the fact that Miller will obviously be cheaper to run (since she is syndicated) makes this move a no-brainer. Franken will also get back all three hours of his local clearance.

The Quake has recently done a complete overhaul on its schedule. The Quake took a cue from markets such as Portland and Seattle and added the popular Thom Hartmann to an evening delay. EcoTalk was also added to evenings, and the station also airs Bill Press' show live in overnights.


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