Saturday, October 03, 2009

Weekend tweeting

Gee, has it been a week already since I did one of these things?

Well, here's the latest from the LTR Twitter page, now with 100 followers and growing:

  • We all know that right-wing pundits, particularly the high-profile ones on radio and television, have major insecurity complexes. Here, Huffington Post wonders if Sean Hannity is starting to feel intimidated by partner-in-grime Glenn Beck. So much that Scrappy Doo's trying to amp up the rhetoric. Okay, lies. As they say, what comes up, must come down.
  • The big talk this week has been a Florida congressman named Alan Grayson. On the House floor Tuesday night, Grayson claimed that the Republicans' proposed health care reform amounts to "don't get sick" or, failing that, "die quickly." The thin-skinned Republicans immediately demanded an apology, and threatened a resolution condemning him. Grayson didn't back down , as he further called Republicans "knuckle-dragging Neanderthals," and stuck it to the morality crusades with "let's remember we should care about people even after they're born." The only apology he gave was to the American people for not getting health care reform done. The sudden spine growth among the Democratic rank-and-file must have been contagious, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her support the freshman congressman.
  • Funny, the Repulicans have expressed no outrage over one of their own congressmen, Trent Franks, who called President Obama "an enemy of humanity."
  • Only a week or so following Sarah Palin's own 'Dixie Chicks moment', where she blasted the president at a Chinese economic summit, ancient crooner Andy Williams said in an interview that "Obama wants the country to fail," and called him a socialist Marxist, or something like that. The interviewee? The London Telegraph, a foreign newspaper. So, using right-wing logic, does this make Williams a traitor? Will he get death threats from wingnuts? Like it matters, the guy's almost dead anyway. Well, at least his career is.
  • Speaking of Palin, hear about that new book she's' writing'? I thought "Going Rogue" was slang for not wearing underwear. Hear about the book's ghost writer? One of her projects was a little piece by a notorious white supremacist. Not much of a departure.
  • If you're FOX Noise, you know you're full of shit when right-wing media shit-stirrer Bernie Goldberg says you're full of shit.
  • Speaking of shit, wingnuts are known to sling a lot of it, but now they're literally doing it.
  • As FOX's alleged 'news' channel delights in their constant airing of a bunch of right-wing pussies, they're also showing the real thing on the entertainment division's 'reality' shows (NSFW video and pic).
  • Remember all the fuss about that video of schoolchildren singing songs about President Obama? Here's that video. Oh wait! Those schoolchildren are singing songs to President Nixon, a Republican!
  • Are some right-wingers escaping from the nut house? Some seem to be coming to their senses, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, David Brooks and this guy, who's blog, ironically, is called Right Wing Nut House. All of them are chastising the actions of the fringe elements of their party. Naturally, they're being tossed under the bus by said nuts.
  • One of the people Lindsey Graham ripped was Glenn Beck, for being just plain crazy. The definition of crazy? Constantly crying on-air. Even crazier? When the tears are fake.

  • The best take of the week comes, not surprisingly, from the oft-brilliant Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times. "The anger of the festering fringe" is a must-read.

  • Join the fun on Twitter, as I update quite often.


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