Wednesday, October 07, 2009

KGO taps Rothmann for late night slot

Catching up with a weeks-old news story (hey, if it took this long for the San Francisco Chronicle's Ben Fong-Torres to cover it, well...), John Rothmann is now the official replacement for imprisoned night-talker Bernie Ward at Citadel’s KGO (810AM) in San Francisco. He is now holding down the 10P-1A (PT) time slot.

Rothmann intially did weekend overnights for KGO, and got the full-time gig permanently last month after a long period of fill-in hosts. And, good news for the people who read this blog, Rothmann is a self-described "liberal Democrat," though he was a Republican years ago.

Speaking of Ward, he is currently serving a seven-year sentence at a low security prison in Beaumont, Texas following a conviction on possession of child porn.


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