Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Tweeting

And here's a look at the week that was (so far), via the LTR Twitter page...

So, what else is going on?
  • Hey, did you know that the state of Mississippi actually subsidizes a low rated commercial right-wing talk show network? That's what Republicans consider 'welfare.'
  • Happy birthday to Monty Python, still lookin' good at 40!
  • Paste Magazine counts down Rachel Maddow's Ten Greatest Moments.
  • Here's a rather interesting article about the many different web browsers on the market, and how each of them is doing in market share.
  • Corrupt former congressman Tom Delay's a quitter, and is also hoping to avoid another upcoming reality show, Dancing Behind Bars.
  • Move over, Chuck Norris. Step aside Sylvester Stallone. John Elway is now a bonafide terrorist fighter.
  • The latest Rock Band game, featuring The Beatles, is obviously inspiring other artists to get in on the act. U2, after turning down an offer to appear in the game, is rethinking their stance. Not to be outdone, look for David Bowie and Iggy Pop to appear in a new Rock Band game - Lego Rock Band. Pop admitted that he always wanted to have the freedom of being a toy. Speaking of The Beatles, your humble blogger (that's me) has made it through most of the band's remastered catalog, and hopes to have a follow-up review coming soon. Consider yourself warned.
  • Finally, Sarah Palin may be "Going Rogue", but Levi Johnston, who formerly was bangin' her daughter, is "going commando" in an upcoming issue Playgirl. Soon, ladies (and lots of gay men) across the land will see Johnston as only Bristol Palin has. That is, if they really, really want to.
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Cat Chew said...

I've enjoyed your occasional off-topic posts here, and I'm very happy you've found a way to expand/include other interests without losing the primary focus of this blog. Cheers!

Is it unkind of me to think Sarah Palin just doesn't know how to spell rouge?

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