Wednesday, October 28, 2009

National syndicator picks up Norman Goldman show

Norman Goldman's recently launched radio talk show has been picked up for syndication by Compass Media Networks. The show airs weekdays 6-9p ET, and is being aimed by Compass at progressive talk radio stations.

From the presser:

"Don't know Norman Goldman? You will soon," said Peter Kosann, CEO and Founder of Compass Media Networks. "Norman has compelling rags to righteous life-story, track record of success and -- if given the chance -- will help progressive talk stations win."

"We have methodically developed Norman's brand to give local affiliates a clear and compelling programming opportunity," said Bill Figenshu, President of FigMedia1 and advisor to The Norman Goldman Show. "After guest hosting for Ed Schultz frequently over the past four years, Norman is already well known and liked by audiences and advertisers of Progressive Talk stations from coast to coast. He has recently been added to the Huffington Post as a blogger in addition to his fill in work and full time show.

Affiliate benefits include: reduced network inventory, an all purpose fill in host at no charge, guaranteed market visits also at no charge and a prominent legal analyst made available to the entire cluster.

"I am honored and enthusiastic to work with Compass Media Networks and our radio affiliates." said Norman Goldman, "Each station carrying our show can expect extraordinary service, with a focused attention to audience and revenue development."

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Rahul Rai said...
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Corie said...

Crap...KPTK in Seattle has dropped Randi to make way for Ron Reagan, whose 3 pm slot has been taken over by Goldman. I live where I can get both KPTK and KPOJ and I listen to Randi and 3, and Ron at 6.

Stephanie Miller is the only reason to tune in to KPTK, and the rest of the day I will stream Thom Hartmann, Randi and Ron...

Bye Bye advertisers.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel Corie. Whatever would I do without the internet. My local station KKGN moved Thom Hartmann from his live 9am slot to 3pm so we could have Big Eddie instead. Well, at least they gave us Randi live at noon since it use to be Big Eddie. I do have to admit I really like Ron Reagan though. Give him a try. You might change your mind.

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