Saturday, October 17, 2009

Formulating the "Top 10" of 2009 (a little help is needed)

Just like the end of every year, this very blog will once again do a readers' poll of the top liberal 'talkers' of the year.

This poll, the fourth edition, will be similar to the ones done in the past. But, to throw a little curveball, I added some extra names. In addition to all the radio and webcast notables you've seen and voted for in the past, I have taken into account the various notable television personalities that many watch and talk about. Therefore, this poll will introduce left-leaning television personalities into the mix.

But before the poll goes up, I need your help.

Below are an assortment of names under consideration for inclusion in the poll. Granted, not all of these names may make the poll, but it's where I'm starting from. If there are any notable names missing from this list, please let me know in the comment section.

Bear in mind that the poll will include only personalities that are currently doing a show or a regular podcast. Hence, some names from years past, such as Sam Seder, Peter B. Collins, Laura Flanders and others, will not be included, as they are currently not doing any regular gigs. Marc Maron, however, is included, as he has recently introduced a regular podcast following the demise of his webcast and radio shows.

Here are some of the names included thus far (in semi-alphabetical order):

Alex Bennett, Charles Binder, Angie Coiro, Stephen Colbert, Alan Colmes, Ana Marie Cox, Chuck D, "Democracy Now", Jeff Farias, Norman Goldman, Richard Greene, Sam Greenfield, Thom Hartmann, Guy James, Bob Kincaid, Lionel, Errol Louis, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Mike Malloy, Marc Maron, Jay Marvin, Stephanie Miller, Keith Olbermann, Bill Press, Lee Rayburn, Ron Reagan, Randi Rhodes, Jack Rice, "Ring Of Fire", Nicole Sandler, Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton, Mario Solis-Marich, Jon Stewart, Ray Taliaferro, Mark Thompson, Johnny Wendell, Peter Werbe, Montel Williams and The Young Turks.

Now, if there are any notables missing from this list, please let me know. Keep in mind that I'm trying to list only the best-known personalities here (to list everyone would be chaotic). Therefore, if you happen to have a sporadically-scheduled webcast or podcast with ten subscribers, you will likely not be listed. If nobody's ever heard of you, how do you expect to get votes, right? However, if you'd like to pimp your podcast, well heck, you can do so in the comments as well. I'll open it up.

The poll will go up within the next week or two, and polling will run through sometime in December. I may even restart the poll from time to time to add an element of surprise (tallying up the totals from all polls at the very end). So, if there are any obvious omissions, please let me know. Thank ya.


Unknown said...

You might want to put Laura Flanders back on the list. She has a weekday TV show, GRIT TV, broadcast on Free Speech TV, and on the web, with a weekly compilation of the show as a GRIT RADIO podcast.

Bukko Boomeranger said...

I guess Democracy Now covers Amy Goodman. Are the Mike Papantonoio, Bobby Kennedy Jr. et al from "Ring of Fire" too obscure to be listed individually? Too bad Sam Sedar has been axed from everything, because he grew into a good liberal talker. Otherwise, you've listed everyone I listen to on the computer.

FWIW, I spent four days driving through both islands of New Zealand last week in a rental car that had no CD player. (Just a cassette deck on the radio -- how odd is that?) Consequently, I was forced to listen to Kiwi radio all the time (except for the long stretches where I was so far from civilisation that there was no radio reception. There are lots of places like that in En Zed.) Their talkback radio is pitiful. A few people opine stupidly but not very politically, but mostly it's meaningless personal blather, and of course there are a few church stations. If I hadn't been moving so fast, I would have preferred to roll down the window and listen to the sheep bleating.

GRITlaura said...

Just to confirm -- yes, I'm alive and well and very much on the air. GRITtv is seen daily on TV, cable and satellite TV and online. And our weekly radio version, GRITradio is on non commercial stations across the US. Check us out: !

ltr said...

Nobody tells me nothin'!

And the reason for this entry is to make sure everything's straight. I had to completely restart the poll last year because I accidentally left a few off.

Thanks for the input so far.

wwrl said...

Ron Kuby had 800K weekly listeners while he was on the air in the 3 pm slot for almost a year

Lu Cifer, @Lu666Cifer said...

Is Neil Rogers worthy, despite having retired on June 22nd (NO THANKS to the SCUMBAG WQAM management)?!

Citizen S said...

Wait a minute, Montel Williams isn't liberal at all! He's barely moderate.

But I do think you need the addition of Ring of Fire with Papantonio and RFK Jr. and thanks for including my favorite liberal talk show host of all -- Mike Malloy.

And my progressive podcast is mainly about climate and politics, it's at Futurism Now Radio, and yes, it's obscure, but it's about to become less obscure.

Thanks for the pimp opportunity!

Citizen S said...

Sorry, you did include Ring of Fire!
Very good show.

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