Monday, April 23, 2007

Returning Air America show is all about the money

"Green America" is coming back.

No, it's not a show about the environment. Not that kind of green. In this case, it's about money green.

Air America Radio is returning progressive financial planner Marc Sussman’s personal finance call-in program "Green America" to their schedule next month, starting Saturday, May 19, at 9AM ET.

Sussman is a long-time veteran of the financial services industry, with 29 years under his belt. Today, he runs a financial planning business. "Green America" was on Air America and former flagship station WLIB from September 2005 to last October. The show apparently didn't have much of a national presence on the network, and was relegated mostly to WLIB. Since then, he has continued the show, via the internet as well as recently on current Air America flagship station WWRL. As it appears, this time it will actually be a full-fledged part of Air America's lineup and will also be on their XM channel. Good thing, since Air America could use some good financial advice (okay, I had to say it!).

According to his official bio, a few years back, Sussman had an epiphany of sorts, and discovered the importance of taking a socially responsible approach to investing. “ We have to live with integrity, and demand the same from the people we do business with. What we stand for as people, and where we place our investment dollars should be consistent,” says Sussman. His objective is financial strategies that are profitable and have social integrity. And he advocates putting the “common good” ahead of corporate gain and thinks that investors can “raise their own financial standards in ways that are both ethical and personally enriching.” While most radio finance shows are about profits at any cost, Sussman's show will be quite different.

Likely, thick-headed conservodorks will scoff at this type of programming, assuming that they own that field and liberals shouldn't be giving advice on how to manage money. Obviously, they disregard how the Bush Administration turned Clinton's record surplus into a record deficit. Or how conservative media ventures such as the Washington Times, the New York Post and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review hemmhorage millions and millions of dollars yearly. But I'm going off topic. Just a little preemptive strike to swat away the comment trolls.

Hey, if there can be a progressive radio show dedicated to taking back faith and spirituality from radical Christian conservatives, such as "State of Belief," why not a pro-capitalism show dedicated to progressive and ethical investing and economicsa? I say take it back, since the other side is obviously failing with it.

"Green America" starts Saturday May 19 at 9AM on Air America. In the meantime, you can check out archives of previous shows at Progressive Radio Network.


Anonymous said...

AAR's backers (past and current) have already tried "investing" to advance a social agenda.
Maybe they should try taking financial advice from Dave Ramsey (avoid debt).

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