Sunday, April 15, 2007

Reason #5,923,833 to loathe Microsoft

If you're reading this post, then congratulations! You are probably one of the wise people to kick Internet Explorer to the curb and are seeing this site (as intended) with either the Firefox or Opera browsers. Or, you have gone all the way down the page with your dreaded Internet Explorer to see the meat of this blog.

For IE users, this site may look a bit funny to you. See, IE has issues with reading Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) layouts in HTML code. They still like using what are called 'tables' (which I may go back to if I can't find a work-around). And getting CSS to work with IE can sometimes be a very frustrating experience.

So please bear with me while I try to correct this issue and return this thing so that it looks the same in all web browsers. Or, you can move away from IE and get a real browser, such as Firefox or Opera. They're both free, don't take over your computer, don't kill your system resources, are more secure and can all coexist on the same system. Go ahead, ditch Internet Explorer and stand up to Microsoft and their shitty web browser. You can thank me later.

UPDATE 4/16: After a few cold MGD's, lots of Diet Pepsi, and way too many Camel Lights, I think I solved this for now. All three columns line up, thanks to a 'container' and 'wrapper' command (this may be over the heads of all but dedicated coding geeks). It still looks like hell in IE, but it's tolerable for now. At least this eliminates the need for going through the long process of designing a layout from scratch, which I had started doing. Special thanks to kingcosmonaut for this brilliant, yet simple hack. I raise my bottle to you!

Now, back to business.


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