Thursday, April 05, 2007

Malloy's addition highlights changes at KPOJ

Portland's KPOJ, perhaps the highest rated liberal talk station in the country, is undergoing a slight makeover, one that will put Thom Hartmann's syndicated show in a live slot and add Mike Malloy to evenings.

First, as previously rumored here, Malloy will finally be coming to the Portland airwaves, as his syndicated show will air on delay from 9-midnight starting April 9.

And Hartmann, who does a local morning drive show for KPOJ in addition to his nationally syndicated one, will have his load lightened a bit with the addition of occasional fill-in host Carl Wolfson, where he'll share time with both Hartmann and Heidi Tauber. In addition, KPOJ will finally carry Hartmann's national show live immediately following the morning show, from 9-noon. Previously, the national show aired on delay in the late evening hours.

As a result of the shuffling, the Sam Seder double play that the station had aired for the last few months will cease, as Seder's show (if it's still around) will air once a day on delay from 6-9PM.

The rest of the lineup, consisting of various Air America Radio shows and Ed Schultz, remains unchanged.

Is this lineup set in stone? Of course not. Nothing in radio ever is. And the station itself leaves the door wide open for future changes. As always, stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

This is an example of the other shoe falling. An example; just one example.
The shoe we've been talking about is various stations dropping the progressive talk format.
The other shoe - possibly more significant - is remaining progressive talk stations shifting clearances away from AAR.
For all practical purposes, AAR has become a two-show "network:" Hartmann and Rhodes. The rest is fill.
Why are remaining libtalkers putting fewer eggs in AAR's basket? Two reasons: Weak shows. Lack of confidence in AAR's ability to survive (despite a change in management).
KPOJ running Hartmann and Hartmann back to back is not a bright move. Better they should either take Big Ed live at 9am PT or use the famous Clear Channel muscle to get Stephanie Miller on delay at 9am (taking it away a so-called "comedy" talk station currently running Steph with Dennis Miller, DC's Don & Mike and Tom Leykis).

ltr said...

Well, KPOJ does get very good ratings, so obviously they seem to know more than you do.

Are you ever positive, or are you always this bitchy?

Corie said...

As one who sometimes streams the early KPOJ local show, and continues on to Tom's national show, I can say that 6 hours of Thom is great. He does two totally different shows and only rarely refers to something from the local show on the national show.
I like Stephanie Miller a lot, and she would be a good additionto KPOJ's line up...but why does anyone listen to Ed?

NYLefty said...

Hartmann does repeat material from his local show on his national show. Example: the other day he did a long interview with Madeline Albright and then played it again on his national show. I listened the first time, but turned the national show off when he began the repeat. That said, Hartmann is a much better radio host than Seder, so it's probably a good move by KPOJ, which is by far the most successful progressive talk station in the country.

Unknown said...

Ahhhh fireflynw, ya might wanna visit this URL: Talker Magazine I like Thom as much as you do, and it looks like KPOJ's expanded coverage of Thom MAY save me from having to hear this new dude "Lionel". BUT, when you ask why does anyone listen to Ed ... I do, and according to that link, more listen to Big Eddie than listen to Thom or any other Progressive talk show host!

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