Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The latest from Mark Green's desk

Mark Green's desk speaketh once again. Something about a wooden personality, perhaps?

He starts out again with "We've only just begun." I always loathed The Carpenters, and I can't get the stupid song out of my head. Oh well.

So... what's going on in Air America land, aside from the obvious? Well, there's this:

* MoveOn.Org and Air America will be co-hosting three "Virtual Town Halls" with the major Democratic presidential candidates, with the first one entirely about Iraq today, Tuesday, April 10. Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Richardson, Biden, Dodd and Kucinich will be answering questions from MoveOn members -- we'll be streaming it live 7:15-8:45 EST and rebroadcasting it to all our affiliates on Wednesday, 8-10pm EST. When you combine MoveOn's 3.2 million members and Air America's 2 1/2 million listeners – and add to that the topic of Iraq -- we expect an historic night in what promises to be a defining election.

So there ya go.


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