Thursday, September 03, 2009

Schultz drops local Fargo show

Well, that didn't last long.

After just two weeks at his newest affiliate, KQLX (106.1FM), Schultz announced on-air during his one-hour local morning show on Tuesday that he is ending his short-lived run on his new Fargo-area affiliate.

Between his weekday MSNBC show and his three-hour nationally syndicated radio show, the Fargo admitted that he just didn't have the time to do an effective job with the local show.

Shultz announced his signing with KQLX in July.

This is the second time Schultz has dropped his local show in less than half a year. After being tapped for the MSNBC show, he left his former station KFGO.

KQLX will also drop Schultz' national show and an audio simulcast of his MSNBC show, reverting to its previous country music format in those time slots. Hence, Schultz is without an affiliate in his former hometown.


raccoonradio said...

Another Schultz was heard on radio recently, but from the right: actor Dwight Schultz (The A Team) was filling in for Jerry Doyle. Interesting use of voice but def. on the right wing...also: WBCN AM 1660 Charlotte is changing from sports to conservative talk. Mentioned to some of my fellow Bostonians that if we were living down in NC, we could hear stuff like "Sean Hannity--coming up next on WBCN!"

Which would really sound odd, given the progressive rock/liberal (hi Charles Laquidara) image that the WBCN calls have! Though indeed they're being used in a city far off.

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