Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bigmouths strike again

From The Beatles to The Smiths (as evidenced by the title of this little entry). Yet's it's quite appropriate, coming a day after a Republican congressman treats an important and respectful presidential speech before a joint session like a Munich beer hall puscht circa 1918 (and they call us Nazis!), and another Republican congressman is stupid enough to talk about playing 'hanky spanky' with his mistress in front of a hot microphone. Gotta love right-wingers.

And you wonder why the hell I've been writing about the Beatles!

But that's not likely why you read this blog. So, in giving you what you want...

Mark Foley to do radio

Speaking of Republicans Behaving Badly, we welcome back Mark Foley, who was chased out of office by a scandal in which he sent raunchy instant messages to teenage boys serving as Congressional pages, is looking into new career opportunites. And what better place for sleazy concervatives than radio. And that's just what he's going to do. Foley is joining WSVU (960AM) in West Palm Beach for a regular talk show. The show started taping this week, and will begin airing regularly starting September 22 at 6P ET.WSVU GM Chet Tart said, "During these incredibly changing times, it's important that we hear the voice of a true Washington, D.C. insider." Nobody, however, has inquired further into what exactly Foley has been inside of, other than Congress.

CNN "Crossfire" comeback?

Not content with a whole daily lineup of pundits screaming at each other, CNN is looking even further. Now, they're looking into a revival of sorts of the old Crossfire show. Essentially, one featuring conservatives and liberals shouting at each other.

As Fishbowl L.A. stated, way to really break the mold, CNN.

Of note to readers here is one liberal who's name has been mentioned, notably Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks. Other possibilities on the left include Steve A. Smith of ESPN, and CNN contributors Roland Martin and Errol Louis.

Right-wingers could include radio personalities Roe Conn from Chicago, Joe Watkins from Philadelphia and Steve Malzberg from New Jersey.

In other words, not much of a departure from CNN's regular fare. Just more pundits.

Hartmann, Medved to spar on health care

In what promises to be a much tamer and perhaps more enlightening debate, Thom Hartmann and conservative radio talker Michael Medved are looking to stage a debate on health care in "9-1-1 on Healthcare: The Great Healthcare Debate" tomorrow. The debate will air on Medved's syndicated show, WCPT in Chicago and on other stations to be announced. The show will air Friday (9/11) at 5P ET.

The two hosts previously squared off in March at another Chicago event, and have appeared on each other's shows in the past.Salem Radio Network VP/News & Talk Programming Tom Tradup says that "In true debate fashion, both sides negotiated everything down to the bumper music and alternating top billing for each segment. It’s going to be fun, informative and a fair-and-balanced look at 2009’s hottest issue as only Medved and Hartmann could deliver it."


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