Friday, September 04, 2009

Dark side of the loon?

Hey, did you hear the one about Glenn Beck raping and murduring a girl back in 1990?

Well, so goes the latest meme crawling around the web. It claims that the FOX 'News' squawker has a very dark and sordid past. Very dark and sordid. Allegedly, he committed rape and murder.

And one site is looking to expose the high-strung wingnut screamer. The accusing site even claims to have evidence, including a police report. And if all the crazy stuff Beck spews is true, then perhaps this is as well. After all, the information is presented in the same ways Beck frequently uses to target his adversaries and subsequently lose his advertisers.

Hey, I'm just sayin'.

Nobody really knows whether Beck raped and murdered that young girl back in 1990, but the meme seems to have the fingerprints of a group of internet pranksters all over it. The website Mediaite suspects it's all the work of a group with the likely moniker 'Anonymous'. They're a powerful clique connected with hacker/prankster site 4chan, and have created elaborate stunts like attacks on the Church of Scientology and the flooding of YouTube with porn clips. Some of their stunts were beyond the pale (such as an attack on a support forum run by the Epilepsy Foundation of America). But hey, they did harass white supremacist shortwave radio talker Hal Turner and they launched online support efforts for Iranians to contest the questionable presidential election there earlier this summer, so they,'re not all bad. And they even designed the cool Beck/Joker pic shown at the top.

But, what if it is all real (sarcasm alert), and the meme is being spread by people aware of Beck's grim past? Needless to say, this meme is an interesting example of how fast bullshit travels across the tubes in the internet era. If the Beck rumors are indeed false, doesn't that cast doubt on the various falsities spread by right-wingers over the years? Can we finally stop talking about the Swift Boat vets, President Obama's birth certificate, 'death panels', the pending American nazi/socialist revolution and the Clinton Body Count? After all, if they claim without a doubt that the Beck rumor is a lie, what does that say about the fertilizer they spread? After all, if he can launch a smear campaign against the President, calling him a racist and accusing him of hating white people (and we all know the flack that Kanye West got when he said something similar about our previous president), well...

Regardless of where it came from, the meme has spread like wildfire, as the just-launched website has accumulated thousands of page views. The perpetrators have launched a massive viral campaign, using sites like Fark, Yahoo! Answers, Reddit, Twitter, and others. All that's left is for Beck to deny it.

You see, in Beck's world, the burden of proof lies with the accused, rather than the accuser. It's a really old trick used in campaigns (Lyndon Johnson, after seeking to spread one wild rumor, said something to the effect of "I wanna see the sonuvabitch deny it!"). The wingnuts live and die by this dirty trick, using it for bullshit accusations such as the Swift Vets smears on John Kerry and the recent birther movement that threw the legitimacy of Barack Obama's birth certificate into doubt. Glenn Beck uses this trick more than others, and drools whenever others do it. So, if he thrives on playing this kind of game, shouldn't it be up to Beck to prove that he didn't rape and murder a young girl back in 1990? And should we really sympathize with him, as if he's the 'wrong man' in an old Hitchcock flick?

Mediaite says:

People will ask the question and not answer it, insisting that Beck “prove that he didn’t;” supposedly, this parallels Beck’s argumentative style. The bottom of reads, “Notice: This site is parody/satire. We assume Glenn Beck did not rape and murder a young girl in 1990, although we haven’t yet seen proof that he didn’t. But we think Glenn Beck definitely uses tactics like this to spread lies and misinformation.” Really, though? It all comes across as a malicious, masterfully executed prank whose pranksters were grasping for a higher political justification.

As one poster on Fark puts it:

FootInMouthDisease: ...Instead of actually refuting the facts. I know. Not one person has come in here with a link to Glenn Beck's murder record to prove that not one of them involved a rape and a girl in 1990. For real. What is he hiding? You know... If it weren't such a big deal, you think he would just go on tv and clear the air. Just show us all the long forms, seriously, is it that hard, cchris_39? you could just lay it all to rest, with the official, undoctored, signed, long-form investigation certificates. Or that, if it were so obvious that glenn beck raped and killed a girl in 1990, weren't true surely there would be some reputable source we could cite?


Not to add to the rumor mongering, but have no knowledge of any plausible alibi Glenn Beck has that would prove he didn't rape and murder that girl in 1990. Lexis Nexis provides 0 articles that state Glenn Beck didn't rape and murder a girl for the entire year of 1990. Some say Glenn Beck has spent possibly THREE BILLION DOLLARS to cover up the fact that he raped and murdered a girl in 1990. Why won't Glenn Beck release her death certificate? WHERE GLENN WHERE HEY. The State of Hawaii issued a Certificate of Live Death. That's all the evidence you need. And they said that after glenn beck raped every orifice, he ate her dead body with arugula and spicy mustard in 1990.

So, is this all fair game? Did Beck really do what they claim he did back in 1990? True or not true, shouldn't Beck come out and deny it all? Granted, it's a rather tasteless prank (if that's what it is). Accusations of rape and murder are kinda pushing it a bit. But it also proves the old saying, what comes around goes around. Beck and his ilk make millions of dollars to spout lies, insults, racist and xenophobic taunts and various other inanities across alleged mainstream news media outlets. Live by the sword, die by it. In other words, if you get in bed with the devil, you'd better be ready to put out. Beck has gotten in bed with the devil, using vicious means to attack his so-called enemies, then cowardly claiming it's all entertainment. However, considering Beck is everything short of clinically insane, I wonder just how many people really take this bloated coke-fueled sack of elephant shit seriously.

Regardless of whether the rumors are true or not, if Beck's bottom line is hurt by accusations such as these, I have no sympathy. It's the price one pays for collecting huge paychecks for being an insufferable asshole. That's life.

Now, do I believe that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990? That's for you to decide. As far as I'm concerned, though, that coke-snortin' jerkoff can go cheney himself.

Hey, did you hear the one about Lou Dobbs and his Mexican love child?


ltr said...

In a related note, the number of sponsors that have pulled out of Beck's show has grown by 11, bringing the total to... 57 lost sponsors.

Gee, that contract FOX signed with him just looks better and better, doesn't it? Again, no sympathy can be found here for either party.

raccoonradio said...

Meanwhile Montel Williams is suggesting a GOP Congresswoman should violently stab herself. Williams urges the use of medical marijuana and has pitched commemorative Obama coins that were just regular coins with cheap stickers on them.
What would the media say if a conservative host were to say the same thing about a Congresswoman?

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I learned of the issue about questions concerning Glenn Beck raping and murdering a young girl in 1990 via Jesus' General, a satirical website that pretends to be over-the-top bizarro Christian conservatives. I checked out the website publicising the story, and it was readily apparent it was a spoof. It seems like pranksters doing what reich-wingers did by formulating sentences with the words "Saddam Hussein and 9/11" or "Barack Obama and terrorist" in close proximity, while not outright SAYING they were connected.

It made me chuckle maniacally. I have commented with links to the hoax site on various lefty blogs I read. All in good fun! But then, my idea of fun would be seeing a YouTube of Beck committing suicide on-air, as Mike Malloy has repeatedly wished for.

raccoonradio said...

Beck got Van Jones to resign. Advantage Glenn. Mike Savage has been talking about Jones since March. NY Times didn't report on him till today, when he resigned.

ltr said...

Boy, I really must have gotten under the raccoon's collar. Not one, but TWO 'oh yeah?' retorts.

And I'm rather disappointed that you're still suckling Maloney's teat. Seems like a lot of the same old nonsense the Pillsbury Doughboy's been spewing lately.

Now, I'm not going to go line-by-line here, but I will single out one thing you mentioned. When you come here to poo-poo medicinal marijuana, you're barking up the wrong tree. I'm very much in favor of it. Here's one reason why: I once knew someone who suffered from very violent seizures. He went to a neurologist, who kept prescribing a different medication to help treat the problem. Each and every prescription had worse and worse side effects, and did little to stop the seizures. The pills nearly drove the guy to the brink of suicide. Finally, he stopped taking the pills, and started smoking pot. Result? No more seizures and no more ugly side effects.

Some of the poison peddled by supposedly legitimate pharmaceutical companies is more dangerous than many of the drugs you find on the street, especially marijuana, which is a heck of a lot less harmful than booze. Now, I don't smoke grass (got my fill in my crazy youth). Strongest things I'll do these days are dry martinis and black coffee. In fact, I really don't personally care for drugs, whether they be from street pushers or corporate pushers. But you know and I know that the pharma lobby will never allow medicinal pot. They don't hold a patent on it, therefore, they can't make as much as one of their own overpriced miracle pills.

The main difference between the Mexican drug gangs you read about and the Wall Street drug gangs is suits and guns. Sad that too many people buy the hype about the dangers of pharmaceutical marijuana and don't use their own brains to sort it out. But isn't that typical of a conservative?

tmode93 said...

Sort of like slowing down to get a closer look at a car wreck (we all do it!) I actually stopped on Beck's FNC program for 5 minutes the other day. It was a strange meandering monologue referencing the usual "us" versus "them" and how "they" are ramping up attacks and how he fears for his family. What got a chuckle out of me is how he will continue his crusade of truth (mmmhhhmmm) despite anything "them" will throw at him. Pronouns are fun! Now if only I could figure out what he's talking about? I'm thinking the fake attack from this post. It was a long 5 mins ... Only thing kookier is when I've come across him doing Fox & Freaks, yikes! At what point does a circle jerk become a black hole where all intelligence everywhere is sucked away ?

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Since you brought up medical marijuana, I thought I'd chime in with a Down Under viewpoint.

I agree with you on the limited damage from pot vs. other substances. As a male nurse who's worked in hospital and psychiatric settings, I've dealt with lots of people who were delirious and violent from alcohol withdrawal, and others who had suffered permanent brain damage/memory loss (Wernecke's Syndrome) from cold-turkey drying out. I never had to shackle anyone to a bed with four-limb leather restraints because they couldn't get their chronic!

And stoners might forget where they left their car keys, but they never get trapped in a world where they can't remember what happened 30 seconds ago because their substantia nigra in the hypothalamus was fried due to lack of B-vitamins in the brain when they were locked in a drunk tank untreated for a week. It's a sad condition, Wernecke's, because they can remember the distant past, but they're forever stuck in the immediate present, repeating the same questions -- "Who are you? Where's my room?" etc.

That said, you would not believe what a good job of "Reefer Madness" propaganda they've done about pot in Australia. It's an accepted medical fact that it causes schizophrenia here, even amongst hip young people. When a patient comes in and cops to smoking pot, he or she is labeled on the patient data sheet as a "cannabis abuser" and monitored for signs of mental illness. I've heard young female nurses, who think nothing of bragging about how they got so drunk on the weekend that they were vomiting in the kerbside, smirking about the crazy marijuana addict in Room Such-and-such. This is a nice country, but it's so 1950s in many ways.

Naturally, I don't mention anything about the Nepalese temple balls we bring back from Amsterdam, moulded and sprinkled with sugar to look like chocolates (for personal use only, of course.)

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