Friday, September 25, 2009

Elliott off the air in San Diego

After less than six months, Jon Elliott is no longer the afternoon voice on XEPE ("San Diego 1700") effective last Friday. The only explanation thus far claims that it was revenue-related, with advertising sales in short supply these days, a situation all-too common in the industry these days. Elliott apparently funded the show himself.

Elliott joined the station in May after leaving Air America.

And for those still in the San Diego area missing progressive talk, there is a group called Liberty One Radio that has a goal of launching a progressive talk radio station in the area soon, perhaps as soon as January 2010. The station would replace KLSD, which flipped from a well-rated talker to a poorly-rated sports also-ran in late 2007.


lapdogs said...

But don't forget folks, its that massive LIBERAL MEDIA we have!

Liberal Media? What Liberal Media?


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