Monday, May 11, 2009

Elliott out, Kuby moves at Air America

Acording to All Access, Air America Radio late night host Jon Elliott is exiting the network to take over the 3-6P PT afternoon shift at XEPE ("San Diego 1700"). Elliott's last day at on the network will be this Friday (5/15), with his San Diego show starting Monday(5/18). The show will also be made available to Elliott's current AAR affiliates and other interested stations.

Elliott is a long-time resident of San Diego, and currently does his Air America show from there.

Elliott's show, which has aired on the network since 2006 when he replaced Mike Malloy, is currently the longest-running weekday show on the network, aside from Rachel Maddow.

XEPE is currently a bit thin on talk programming, with a local morning show, a couple finance-oriented shows and Dennis Miller's syndicated offering. Previously, the station employed ex-KLSD talker Stacy Taylor, but dropped many of their local hosts last year. Currently, most of the day is essentially a feed of CNN Headline News (HLN), which tends to be the last resort as far as radio programming goes.

(Here's a side thought, to the people running things at XEPE. How 'bout bringing back progressive talk? Nobody's listening to your station now, so there's no way to fall off the floor, right? Going liberal might just put 'San Diego 1700' on the map. KLSD did great with it until the regional suits went all sports-crazy and made the big mistake of switching formats. Hey, progressive talk won't get a five share, but it's gotta be better than the HLN feed.)

Meanwhile, some more shuffling is taking place at Air America. Afternoon host Ron Kuby will move his show into the vacant 12-3P ET time slot on the network, effective next Monday. Nicole Sandler had previously been holding down the slot, following the departure of Thom Hartmann in February.

There is currently no word on what Air America will do with the soon-to-be vacant 3-6P and 11P-2A slots.


Aaron said...

Maybe Lionel will take one of those slots, hopefully the 11pm one, he is better suited for nighttime.

Anonymous said...

damn kuby will lose wwrl and kmny

ctk said...

does 1700 stream online with a format compatible with winamp? if it does, then i can set up a mini local webstation with the hosts i want in an order that doesn't overlap anyone.

and if i can crank up my portable aa fm transmitter to go 40 ft. instead of 39 i think i can prove that not only will louisville, ky handle a prog talk station, but i can program a better one that draws.

Mike Schwartz said...

As to what WWRL said above, why would the time change prevent 1600 WWRL in NYC from keeping Kuby right where he is at 3-6 EDT? Dozens of stations air programs on tape delay-didn't several progressive talkers air both Schultz and Hartman even though they are syndicated and generally air at the same time. It was my understanding that the Kuby show was one of the most popular on 'RL, since he already had established a strong following in the tri-state region from his years at WABC. If I were them, I won't change anything with the afternoon lineup, although it will be unfortunate that NY callers won't be aired live.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

there will be no more callers to Kuby, as no stations will carry him live.

you're absolutely right he did well on wwrl. he was their number one rated show, more than eddie or colmes or anything. This is being done, i suspect, to push Montel on at the 3 pm slot to get him some callers as they wasted 3 MILLION and that talentless knownothing.

maybe some other network can pick up kuby and lionel, since AAR has ran both of 'em into the ground

ltr said...

Just my $.02 here, but I've got a prediction for what will replace Kuby. Namely this. Makes sense, right?

Again, that's just my own wild speculation.

As for Elliott's replacement, I predict Lionel will return to late nights. That's where he excelled prior to leaving WOR for AAR.

Just some speculation geared toward encouraging a little back-and-forth comment banter. What do you think?

ltr said...

And for CTK, XEPE does have a web stream. Here's the link:

It seems to pop up Windows Media Player when I click on it. I don't have an individual link to feed into a media player, but you could try that one in Winamp, iTunes, etc.

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