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Well, Monday is the day that many have been looking forward to for several months. The return of The Randi Rhodes Show, this time via Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Networks, home to personalities as diverse as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, George Noory, Bob and Tom and Ryan Seacrest.

The big question among her overly-patient listeners is, of course, where can we hear She Who Must Be Heard, a.k.a. Randi Rhodes?

And that's a very good question. As of this writing, nine 13 stations and XM Radio have confirmed the addition of her show to their lineups, with XM, Los Angeles affiliate KTLK and Buffalo's WWKB airing her live. KTLK is the best bet for hearing her via live webstream, and it is listed in the center column under listening links. The initial affiliate lineup is as follows:

XM Channel 165 (3-6P ET) (live)
Albuquerque, NM KABQ 1350AM (4-7P MT)
NEW! Anchorage, AK KUDO 1080AM (11A-2P AT) (live)
Buffalo, NY WWKB 1510AM (3-6P ET) (live)
Ithaca/Syracuse, NY WNYY 1470AM (3-6P) (live)
Los Angeles, CA KLTK 1150AM (12-3P PT) (live)
NEW! Monterey, CA KRXA 540AM (12-1P, 2-4P PT) (live)
Portland, OR KPOJ 620AM (3-6P PT)
Reno, NV KJFK 1230AM (12-3P PT) (live)
San Francisco, CA KKGN 960AM (4-6P PT)
NEW! Santa Barbara, CA KIST 1490AM (12-3P PT) (live)
Seattle, WA KPTK 1090AM (6-9P PT)
West Palm Beach, FL WJNO 1290AM (6-9P ET)
NEW! West Palm Beach, FL WBZT 1230AM (3-6P ET) (live) (starting 6/1)

Most of the stations listed offer a free webstream, but many are delaying her show for later airing. So far, three stations offer a complete live (3-6P ET) stream - KUDO (stream), KTLK (stream) and WBZT (stream). For those of you that prefer non-browser listening, KUDO has a non-browser stream accessable here. It should work in Winamp and other third-party media players.

KRXA also has a stream that can be heard via third-party programs (like Winamp and iTunes). However, they do delay the second and third hours.

UPDATE: You can temporarily download podcasts via Green 960 and KTLK.

In other related news:

  • More affiliates will be added soon, particularly since Nancy Skinner, who had replaced Rhodes at the ill-fated Nova M Radio and continued her show following their demise, has put her effort on hiatus effective this past Friday. That would open up more potential affilites, including KXLJ in Juneau, AK (a nice addition, since they offer non-browser streams). Rumor has it they may add her show, but in the meantime, they're carrying Ron Kuby. Speaking of Kuby, Air America will reportedly be moving him to a new time slot. Starting next Monday, his show will take over the vacant 12-3P ET slot on the network (thanks to dxfool for the heads-up).

  • WXXM (92.1FM) in Madison has been in negotiations to carry her, but can't find an opening in their lineup.
  • KMNY (1360AM) in Dallas had previously been rumored to be carrying her show, but the status at this time is unknown.
  • UPDATE: Per comment below, KTNF Minneapolis will not add Rhodes to their lineup. The owner of the station isn't too keen on her.
  • KGOE Eureka currently has two holes to fill in its daily lineup. That could be a possibility. As is KBAI in Bellingham, WA, which currently lists Kuby.
  • And then there are the other Clear Channel-owned progressive talk stations. There have been some rumors in regard to WDTW Detroit, but nothing solid. KKZN Denver seems content with their current lineup. WPEK Asheville, NC is limited due to its daytime-only status and KPTQ Spokane won't carry it right away, but says they are working on it.
  • Rhodes' own relaunched website has more affiliate information.
  • Finally, I'd like to ask a favor of all of you. Check your local talk stations (yes, even the right-wing ones, since Clear Channel owns a ton of 'em and could possibly push her show that way). If Rhodes is on your local station (or any others that you know about), post it in the comments below, listing the city, call letters, frequency and airtime (it could air on delay). Thanks much.

    Lu Cifer, said...

    Well at least WJNO hulked up and got with the program! Now only if they'd boost their signal and/or if Sirius would pick her up!

    radiospringy said...

    Too bad WJNO got hooked on the Hannity bug and likely won't place her back live. Hannity's show leaves open so much commercial time it's tough to undo it.

    And since this is Clear Channel, Sirius can't play the show even if they wanted to.

    ctk said...

    nancy's on hiatus? or should i say "hiatus"?

    when novam/onsecondthought went down for the final time, both nancy skinner and mike malloy essentially were cast loose into the universe.

    mike has not only a website up, but still has streaming and paid podcasts that as of a few weeks ago have him nearly breaking even for the show. they're only $.25 a show yearly!

    you know how much i have heard from/about nancy since march when the whole thing collapsed? nothing. at all. methinks nancy won't be around for a while. but i do hear that air america has some openings it needs to fill now...

    oh yeah, once again we sirius subs get the shaft AGAIN with only mike and bill press live as the only decent progressive options, because of that clear channel deal.

    Brady Bonk said...

    It's a damned shame 1260 am in D.C. flipped to sportz before Randi came to town. She and Bill Press and then Big Ed when he was here could have made a tight little programming schema here in the Nation's Capital...

    Lu Cifer, said...

    Sad that horrible signal 1230 WBZT (hell, I can remember when 1230 WAS WJNO! AND HAD RANDI LIVE! The more things change...) has Randi live, but the 1290 DOESN'T and I can BARELY get it here in ChokeeefobeeRednecksRUs land! Any word on WIOD -- the really HORRID Nazi talker outta Miami?! At least us with Sirius also get Thom Hartmann! But otherwise, that him and Malloy & Press, yeah, it's kinda vapid! I hate bashing any left wing shows, but...

    Lu Cifer, said...

    Anybody got a listen live link for shitty dial up connections?!

    fellixe said...

    May as well take KTNF out of the running for Randi. I emailed them and some other stations on Monday morning on behalf of Rhodes Scholars to ask if they would be airing the show. I received the following response today:

    We will not be carrying the Randi Rhodes show. Her on-air position is
    that Senator-Elect Al Franken is no better than former Senator Norm

    Janet Robert, President
    AM950 The Voice of Minnesota
    11320 Valley View Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
    cell: 651-270-4810

    ltr said...

    The Janet Robert response is not surprising in the least. She has been known to allow her own opinions govern what she puts on her station. And she's not apologetic about it.

    She's a hardcore Franken supporter, and a well-known figure in the DFL (what Minnesota calls Democrats) party.

    She dismissed one of the station's local hosts (a well-known media figure in the market) a few years back due to what I recall was some flap about abortion. Hey, it's her station, she bought it, she can ultimately do whatever she wants with it.

    Pagani said...

    I'm sure 13 stations is more than enough to declare Rhodes the "number one progressive talk show host in America" again. It's always bugged me that such a declaration shows a total lack of honesty and integrity.

    Yes, Rhodes fans *are* fanatical in the same way that Limbaugh fans think *he* is right about everything. But strictly by the numbers, Randi Rhodes is a mid-card player at best despite the fanboy/fangirl bs about her being number 1.

    Lu Cifer, said...

    Randi returns to AM 760 (Denver, CO) on Monday at 7pm local time!! for all the info!

    fellixe said...

    And add The Mic 92.1 in Madison to the list!

    "We are pleased to announce that a new agreement with Randi Rhodes has been reached bringing her show to the Madison airwaves on the Mic 92.1

    Randi's 3-hour show will be heard weekdays 6pm-9pm starting Tuesday May 26th.

    This new schedule allows the Mic to keep Thom Hartmann in his current 2p-5p timeslot, followed by Rachel Maddow at 5pm. The Mike Malloy program will be heard weeknights 9pm-12mid. Ron Reagan will move to late nights 12am-3am."

    Lu Cifer, said...

    Well I'll be damned! I stand corrected! You CAN get WJNO 1290 in most all of the Treasure Coast & Okeechobee, provided it's DAY TIME! One more time: FUKU to WINZ.

    Lu Cifer, said...

    Thanks to my twitter post ( we now have for a quicky linkypoo to this post! Also, WJNO 1290 BARELY comes in down in Miami from what I've read at plus from my own personal experience, it covers MOST of Broward country (Ft. Lauderdale) especially with no problem the northern cities like Deerfield, Pompano, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Parkland, Margate, etc.

    Lu Cifer, said...

    Hey where is everybody!? Any new stations?! Preferably one that covers MY area! Sorry to sound SELFISH! Oh ok no I'm not!

    Lu Cifer, said...

    One more baby!!! According to Randi's station list:

    Santa Fe, NM: 1260 AM KTRC-AM (LIVE! 1-4PM)

    Gee, I thought certain KKKons out there said she was NEVER to return to radio again blah blah blah quack quack?!

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