Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cuatro de Mayo, and unhappiness is a warm gun and a half-cocked jock

Yeah, it's one day before the much more-celebrated "Cinco de Mayo". But if our president can observe it, why not me? And since it's been a week since I've written anything, why not invent a holiday?

And it's quite fitting that I create something out of nothing. Especially since the only thing half-interesting to talk about is some unhinged conservojock down in Orlando who went nuts and shot off more than his mouth.

Shannon Burke, who described his talk show on RealRadio 104.1 as a "mixture of outrageous daily, biker attitude and personality, and right-wing style rants," claimed that he got mad at his dog, went for his 40-caliber handgun and threatened to shoot the naive housepet, who likely did not know what the hell his master was ranting and raving about. Not surprisingly, the gun "accidentally" discharged, and the bullet went through the dog’s leg before grazing the side of his wife's head. Or so he claims.

"I was playing with a gun that I didn't know was loaded and I hit my wife," Burke told a 911 operator late Thursday.

Um, Okay.

Deputies claimed he has been arguing with his wife before the shooting.

Burke was charged with two counts — aggravated battery with a weapon and animal cruelty. He's ordered to wear an ankle bracelet monitor. He is also under an order from Seminole County Judge Jerri L. Collins not to have any contact with his wife or to go within 1,500 feet of their home.

Both wife Catherine and the dog were treated for non-life threatening injuries and are fine.

And not surprisingly, Burke got canned from his job at the Clear Channel talk station.

Okay, I realize these hard-assed conservogoons are more pissed off than normal with Obama in the White House and the conservative Republican movement almost dead, but perhaps these guys should seek counseling before they seriously do damage.


Lu Cifer, http://Lu666Cifer.blogspot.com said...

Hey LTR, I've had the "fortune" of listening to this nutjob's horrid show (especially since WINZ sold out) and ya know, since his dog & wife weren't seriously hurt, I say it couldn't happen to a better turd! Ok, except of course oxyRU$Hitler Lardass.

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